What is wikitia?

What is wikitia? Wikitia is a company specializing in smart software development. We focus on professional websites and applications for small businesses. We have software development team in Ukraine. You can submit your idea and estimate the cost of development. You can get unique, informative and user-friendly application or a website.

What is the difference between Wikipedia and Wikitia?

A wiki is an Internet-based, collaborative volunteered effort to create, develop, and organize most of the information in the world in a single place. It is a type of website that allows group editing of its content and structure directly from any web browser. Wikitias are a form of wikis that are created for specific topics. The goal of a wiki is to make information available in a way that can be easily shared and modified. There are many varieties of wikis in use, mostly running on different software, some open source and some available under proprietary licenses.

Is Wikitia real?

It is not yet possible to live on wikitia.com alone. It is important to have a secondary source of income like a job.  There are some wikitians who are earning a lot of money by writing blogs and helping companies with their marketing. But this is not a common thing, so this is not the reason why you should join wikitia.  Rather you should go there to learn what content writers and marketers do.  You can also share your knowledge and make wikitia better.

How do you make Wikitia?

Wikitia is a multilingual, non-profit dictionary and encyclopedia. It is created and edited by the Wikitia community, (which is you) and available on Wikitia.com (for the community) and dictionary.wikitia.com (for the whole world). To create a new article in Wikitia, simply Click here.

What does wiki stand for?

Wiki stands for wiki wiki, which is the Hawaiian word for “quick”. It is a Hawaiian word. It is also a word that is used in several other languages, such as in Swahili, “wiki wiki” also means “quick”, in Malay, it means “quickly”, in Cebuano/Visayan language it means “hurriedly”, in Maori language, it means “fast” and in Tongan it means “hurriedly”. Wiki Wiki also is the name of a Polynesian dance, the so-called Hiva Oa dance. The dance is traditionally done at the time of the life cycle rituals, that is, the rituals held to signify someone’s transition into adulthood. The dance is a movement in which the dancers invite the gods to attend their rituals and to bless the islanders.

How much does it cost to get a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. A page on Wikipedia can be created without the payment of any fees. However, if one wishes to use images and other features in the page, one may have to pay an image uploader. These uploaders charge a fee for their service and the charges are based on the size of the image. A regular Wikipedia writer updates and maintains the Wikipedia pages for free. A business may want to hire a Wikipedia writer for its page for more frequent updating and better content. The charges for such services can range from $20 to $300 depending on the number of images and the level of difficulty involved in creating the page.

How can I publish my Wikipedia page?

Publishing your Wikipedia page is free and easy. You can do this by going to the Wikipedia click on create a new article and then follow the instructions to create your initial draft. Subsequently, use the edit button to edit your Wikipedia page to include references, pictures and other information. On Wikipedia, your picture will include your name and the date you created your page. Your name will be linked to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You will also find a published date under your name which will be the day you first published your Wikipedia page. If you have any doubt about the process, you can always ask for help.

Can I create a Wikipedia page about myself?

Making a Wikipedia page is not that easy, but it is not that difficult either. If you belong to a popular field or have an interesting history, you can definitely create a Wikipedia page about yourself. For example, most of the Wikipedia articles are about geography, so if you have some interesting fact about history of a city or place, you can create a page about it. The next best thing to do is to have a Wikipedia page about your business, company or product. So if you have started a business, you should create a page about it. If not, then you have to write about it in detail, including all the relevant facts and figures that can be useful for the readers.

How long does it take for a Wikipedia article to be approved?

Any Wikipedia article goes through a number of checks before it is approved.  First, a potential article writer has to predict the accuracy of the article and estimate the time it will take to write. In a second step the article writer submits the article to the Wikipedia community for a feedback. In order to become an editor you have to create a Wikipedia account and get an account approval. After your account is approved by the community, you can suggest edits to existing articles or write your own.  In order to write an article which gets approved you need to be consistant, thorough and take your time.  We usually edit articles at least three times to reach a state of perfection.

Can anyone have a Wikipedia page?

Absolutely! Although there are certain restrictions that Wikipedia has in place to prevent people from creating pages just for fame or just to flatter a friend, but the rules are not very strict. If your name is well known and is associated with something notable, you have a good chance of having a page on Wikipedia. Even if you are the president of a major country, or a renowned scientist or philanthropist, or a famous novelist, or a notable actor, you can have a Wikipedia page. Check out this link to see if someone has created a Wikipedia page for you. (It’s quite cool!)

Who can write Wikipedia articles?

To make Wikipedia articles, you do not need a degree, or work experience. You just need the willingness to learn and write interesting, informative content everyday. It takes a lot of time and commitment to create a Wikipedia article. You cannot create a good article in just one day. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional writer to write an article on Wikipedia.

You just need to be passionate about your subject. Writing articles on Wikipedia requires a lot of reading and research because you are supposed to write about what you know. This is why many people say that creating a Wikipedia article is the best way to learn about a subject. So any person who is passionate about a subject can definitely write an article on Wikipedia.

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