What does ninja look like?

What does ninja look like? A ninja is a person who secretly moves around, and is good at being secretive, so the answer is no.

A ninja is a Japanese person that is skilled in the art of espionage, so the answer is no. A ninja is an actor, an expert in martial arts, an acrobat, a percussionist, a juggler, a circus worker, a director, a film maker, a choreographer, a dancer, a musician, a singer, a stuntman, a comedian, a mime, an artist, a fashion designer, a musician, a time traveller, a mathematician, a philosopher, a writer, a psychic, an occultist, a wizard, a sorcerer, a telepath, a mind control expert, a scientist, a healer, a medium, a psychic, or a surgeon, or the son of a ninja so the answer is no. A ninja is a person who is able to keep a secret, so the answer is no. A ninja is a person who is able to keep their identity secret, so the answer is no. (What does ninja look like?)

A ninja is a person who is able to keep their presence secret, so the answer is no. A ninja is a person who is able to avoid detection, so the answer is no. A ninja is a person who is good at being stealthy, so the answer is no. A ninja is a person who is good at being inconspicuous, so the answer is no. A ninja is a person who is able. (What does ninja look like?)

What does real ninjas look like?

Real ninjas were not like the ones we imagine – with masks and weapons. There were no black ninja clothes, just ordinary uniforms. There were also no special training methods, also no mythical techniques to disappear in smoke. In fact, some ninjas were simply mercenaries that were used by their lords to gather information. These ninjas were not necessarily stealthy. They did not always wear the same thing, they rarely ran around in the dark, and they rarely wore face masks. They were not ninjas, they were just scouts. (What does ninja look like?)

Is there really a ninja?

Not quite. But the closest thing are the ninjutsu practitioners. They are not quite ninjas, because they are mostly out of the shadows, but they are mostly trained in historic ninja arts and martial arts like ninjutsu, jujitsu, kendo, aiki jiujitsu, karate and shuriken.

What makes someone a ninja?

“A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations. Their covert methods of waging war contrasted the ninja with the samurai, who observed strict rules about honor and combat.” (wiki) While most ninja were mercenaries often hired by warring clans, others functioned as spies, saboteurs, assassins, and doubled as bodyguards or secret police.  Some say that to be a ninja a person must have the following characteristics:

What does being a ninja mean?

A Ninja is a Japanese fighter who combines military science, acquired his knowledge and skill by training, mental discipline and learning the art of ninjutsu. Ninjas have been known to have the ability to control their breath, their body and their minds. The ninjas were hired to spy, get information and kill. Ninjas were masters of disguise and known for their ability to be undetected by the enemy. Ninjas can also be anything but were not limited to a specific profession such as being a spy, a mercenary, an assassin or a thief.

Do ninjas talk?

As we all know ninja is a popular character and is loved by everyone. Ninja would always be one of the best characters in any video game or movie. Ninjas are very popular for there stealth and skills. Ninjas are like the modern day soldiers. Ninjas are also known for there dual use of weapons. Ninjas fight with sword but there is a Japanese saying that the real ninjas only fight with their hands. Ninjas can also used their weapons to sneak past enemies without them noticing. Ninja are popular for their armour and the style of clothing that they wear.

What race are ninjas?

Ninjas are Japanese, but are also found in other Asian countries. With the development of martial arts in the East, the term ninja came to be used for people practicing all forms of martial arts. The word “ninja” was never used in Japan until the 17th century, but since then it has been used as a respectful title for a skilled person. Ninjas worked under feudal lords in different countries, but the exact time when they started working under the feudal lords is unknown.

Where do real ninjas live?

Real ninjas live in mountains, far away from any city. They are very secretive and are only found in northern parts of Japan. The reason they live so far away from cities is because they want to be away from society. They want to be free and just concentrate on training to be the best. They live in houses like regular people and work as accountants, police officers etc. They do nothing illegal and keep out of trouble. They are not wanted by the law and do not commit crimes. A lot of people believe ninjas are still around but they are not. Some people may still practice some techniques used in the past by ninjas.

Can ninjas walk on water?

Yes, of course. But they cannot do it all the time, like they do on television. There are two main reasons why. First, water is not a solid surface, it is a liquid. So it can move and form a wave, which is what makes it difficult to stand on. In order to walk on water like how ninjas do on TV, they must apply a tremendous amount of force to the water surface. Second, it is extremely hard to control their walking posture, since they have to plant their foot into the water much harder than on land. Ninjas go through rigorous training to control their movement in such a way that they can stand on water for a longer time.

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