What does i mean in texting?

What does i mean in texting? It means that that person is interested. For example, “I wish i were in London.” It can also be used to express enthusiasm, or desire. “I wish i were a rich person.” It can be used sarcastically to express displeasure or dissatisfaction. “I wish i were a better writer.” (What does i mean in texting?)

What does I mean mean in texting?

I mean is just a way of saying “I mean” which is a way of saying “get this, I am saying something that you might not have understood and I have to say again”. So I mean is actually a phonetic way to say “I mean” which is a way of saying “I have to repeat myself because nobody knows what I am talking about”. (What does i mean in texting?)

What does * * * mean in a text?

* is what is termed as a “strikethrough” and is a way of showing that text has been deleted. It is also called a strikethrough or strikeout. If the text is underlined and is preceded with a * then it shows that the user has typed some text but removed it because they did not want it in the document. (What does i mean in texting?)

What is I stand for?

“I” stands for the first person like me, you and us. It is the first person which is used most frequently in the English language. (What does i mean in texting?)

What does IPAD mean?

IPAD is an abbreviation for the Internet Protocol Address. The protocol (or IP) is the language that computers use to communicate over the Internet. The address is a numeric identifier for the computer.

What Does Ipod Stand For?

iPod is a digital music player and this device was introduced to the public on the 23rd of October 2001. However, Apple launched a digital music player on the 15th of September 2001. This device was called the shuffle and it was about 1/3 the size of the iPod. The iPod was actually a concept invented by Apple in 1998. The original name for the iPod was the ‘i-concept’, later it was nameless and had the code name ‘purple’ and when it was launched, it was called the iPod. The iPod was first sold in the market in 2001 and within one year, it was a best seller.

What does SMH mean in text?

SMH means shaking my head. It usually takes your reaction to something unexpected or something you disagree with.  It is a text abbreviation that can be used on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. It is a shortcut for the phrase shaking my head.

What does IG mean in text?

IG (Inner Guide) is a reference to the spiritual centre of your being. Most people today are so busy being driven by external motivators (ex. Money, Power) that they forget about what the purpose of life is. This can lead to dissatisfaction in life. The inner guide helps you find your core purpose and inner peace. It asks the hard questions that a lot of people avoid. The inner guide helps you fight instant gratification and make tough decisions. It helps you ask yourself, “What really matters?”

What is the meaning of 60?

60 has been a very important number in our history. It is the sum of 9 and 10. So it symbolises goodness and purity. And it is divisible by three as well, so it is a very holy number in Hinduism and Islam. In addition, it is also used in computing because 60 can be divided evenly by 12, 5, 4, 3, 2, and so on. And there are many other things that are related to 60.

What is the full form of iPhone?

iPhone is the full form of Apple Inc.’s smartphone, which is available in three models, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. These three models are available in 16, 32 and 64 GB variants. Users can also store content on iCloud, the cloud service offered by Apple.

What does the pod in iPod stand for?

It is commonly believed that the iPod’s full name is “iPod (TM)”. However, this is not true. The trademark symbol has been removed from the iPod trademark. The iPod name is a common word, so according to U.S. trademark law, it is not necessary to use a trademark symbol, nor is it necessary to add (TM) to the iPod name. Thus, it is most correct to write iPod. Note that this is true only when referring to the iPod trademark and not the iPod technology. The latter is correctly written as iPod technology, not iPod Technology.

Why is it called iPod?

iPod is Apple’s much-awaited music player which is based on iTunes, the company’s software for playing, downloading and organizing digital music files. Like a personal DJ, iPod lets users create their own music experience by selecting songs from their iTunes library.  But again, as it was proved by the previous question, if you want to win the hearts of the users and make them share your product easily on social media, you have to answer their questions in a time-friendly manner.

What does Thanksss mean?

Thanks is an abbreviation of Thanks A Lot and are used to express gratitude towards the person who has done some good or quite often, has done a favour. A simple Thanks or Thanks a Lot would be a rather weak appreciation. In order to convey the feeling of gratitude a Thanksss is used. A Thanksss is also used when someone is thanking many people individually and thanking them as a group. The only difference is that the ‘S’ is plural.

What does OFC mean in text?

OFC stands for ” On-the-Fly-Capitalization”. OFC is a common typing error made by people who use the auto-correct feature on their cell phones. Whenever the auto-correct feature does not work properly, OFC appears in text messages. This is not a real word and doesn’t have a meaning.

What does W mean on Tik Tok?

This is a social network and music video app where people post videos of themselves lip-synching and dancing in a funny way or in a way they want to be perceived. In order to get more likes and views, people post their videos with graphics, audio, text and animation. To access these features you need a special app called W.

What does t mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks today, with nearly 100 million active users. While the app is simple enough to figure out, there are still some elements that come with some confusion. One of these elements is the elusive t. The t is a way to add a caption or a note to your Snapchat photo. How to get the t on Snapchat? Simply tap the t on the bottom right of the screen to add a caption to your Snapchat photo.

What does 1@ mean on TikTok?

1@ is a fun emote in which the person pulls their finger across their throat to signal that they are about to do something very controversial. The 1@ is one of the most controversial and funniest emotes on TikTok. Just like the other two varieties of @ symbols, the 1@ is an expression of remorse or unhappiness related to your post.

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