Was Billy Hargrove, Maxine’s older step brother on Stranger Things, racist?

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Billy Hargrove, the character from the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” displayed several instances of racist behavior in the show. For example, in the second season, Billy uses a racial slur against one of his classmates, and he also threatens Lucas, a Black character, with physical violence because of his race.

While it is not explicitly stated in the show whether or not Billy holds explicitly racist beliefs, his actions and language suggest that he holds prejudices towards people of color. Additionally, Billy is portrayed as a character who is frequently hostile and aggressive towards others, often using intimidation and violence to get his way.

It’s important to note that while Billy’s character displayed racist behavior, it is not uncommon for fictional characters to hold prejudices or display negative traits in order to develop a compelling story or explore themes of societal issues. However, it’s important to recognize and address harmful behaviors in real life and to work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Billy’s character in “Stranger Things” is also shown to be abusive towards his step-sister Maxine and his father, which indicates a pattern of aggressive and controlling behavior. The show explores Billy’s troubled home life, which may have contributed to his behavior and attitude towards others.

In the third season, Billy’s character is further developed as he becomes possessed by an otherworldly entity known as the Mind Flayer. While under the Mind Flayer’s control, Billy is depicted as an even more violent and dangerous character, suggesting that his inner demons and negative tendencies were exacerbated by the supernatural forces at play.

Despite his problematic behavior, Billy’s character is also shown to have some depth and complexity, with glimpses of vulnerability and insecurity beneath his tough exterior. This complexity, along with the show’s exploration of the societal issues surrounding race and abuse, make for a compelling and nuanced portrayal of a flawed character.

Overall, while Billy Hargrove’s character displayed racist and abusive behavior in “Stranger Things,” the show also explored the root causes of his actions and presented a complex and multifaceted character. It is important to acknowledge and address harmful behaviors in real life, while also recognizing the value of exploring complex and challenging characters in fiction.

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