About us

The website www.partread.com is just an effort in bringing the most common topics into a readable article collection. The website partread is named like that, as you can read articles from the site whenever you are free of work and during your breaks. A kind of part-time or free time article store. Readers will surely love it. The author is from India, and writes all the articles in the most convenient way, for the readers. 

Efforts are just attempts, however, it is widely believed that those who try never fails. Hoping to get a positive response from our readers, it is launched in the month of July 2019, and it will continue for all your readers as long as you all will support it. Your support is the most important thing, and without your support, we are nothing, Hope you all will like our website.

If in any case, you want to ask questions regarding any case, please drop a mail in the Contact us form given in the homepage. We have prepared this website just for the people, and hope you all will like this.