Is it cheating if you’re just talking to someone? (Answered in details)

Is it cheating if you're just talking to someone?

Is it cheating if you’re just talking to someone? The answer to this question is it depends on what you are talking about.

The topic you are discussing will decide whether you are cheating or not. Normal talks are normal and they are just okay to be done.

You can talk about the weather, the new fruit you have planted in your backyard, the news headlines of the day, the new snacks you have bought for your pet, the ingredients you use to make your food tastier, the hobbies you are addicted to etc.

Talking about such stuff is normal and will not be considered under cheating your partner.

But once you involve in discussions that are not normal and are directly connected to your emotions, your mind, your intentions, then you are just cheating your partner secretly.

You are cheating him or her because you are discussing your emotional and mental feelings with someone else. The only one you should share them is your partner. Doing otherwise will simply be considered as cheating him or her.

Just talking to someone can be very risky for your relationship. No matter what you are talking about is normal or not. If your partner came to know about your activities then it will cause you a lot of trouble.

Whether it’s your relationship or married life, you will always see your partner being suspicious to you. You may have a very hard time if you secretly talk to someone and don’t tell your partner about it.

Such things can create suspicious faces and moods all the time. Your partner may follow you all the time and you may live a life of uneasiness and suspiciousness. Moreover, just talking is not a normal thing, it can destroy your relationship or married life.

When you talk to someone for hours in front of or not in front of your partner, then it will surely create doubts and again the suspicious moods will arise.

It is surely cheating if you just talk to someone else for a long period of time. Yes, talking for some minutes or for some time is okay. But when you continue this for hours and hours, you are literally cheating on your partner.

Coz the more you talk the more interest it will imply. And once this thing is notified to your partner, then the real mood swings will begin.

Talking for long hours and talking about your feelings and emotions simply implies or shows that how interested you are in that person. It shows that you are very open and very friendly with that person that you are capable of sharing your feelings and emotions with him/her.

These very signs are enough to make your partner frustrated and end the relationship/married life at that very instant of time.

The human brain is made in such a way that whenever our partner interacts with someone similar to our gender, then it can’t tolerate it longer. The human brain is there to get frustrated very soon and take opposite actions.

The human brain can’t handle the involvement of any other person in their love or married life. This is why 99 out of 100 relationships gets destroyed in minutes.

However, all these can be stopped if you remain loyal and truthful to your partner. You can talk to others but tell your partner about it openly. No matter whatever you were discussing just admit that you were discussing.

This will help in retaining the trust between you two and there will be no cheating ever again for just talking to someone.

So, it is well concluded that the content of the discussion decides whether you are cheating or not by just talking to someone.

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