Is shein safe?

Is shein safe? Yes, if you purchase from the sites you come across from word of mouth, reviews etc. and not from the popup adverts you get on facebook or search results etc. You should always read the reviews for the products you are interested in, if you are unsure and ask friends who have … Read more

How to pronounce shein?

How to pronounce shein? SHEIN is correct. It comes from the genre of Hebrew origin and it means: a tallit (or shawl) worn during prayer by a Jew of the Orthodox or Conservative sect. In Genesis, Joseph was thrown into a pit on false accusation of rape, then sold into slavery. His nerdy brother(Benjamin) went … Read more

Is shein good quality?

Is shein good quality? Shein is a fashion online store with a large range of clothing. They own their own brands, as well as carry other popular brands. Their prices are very low and their quality of the clothing is decent, but their sizing is very small. If you are in a larger size, you … Read more

Shein shipping time: All questions answered!

Shein shipping time. First,shein is a designer clothes online store,similar to aliexpress,easy to get cheap clothes.But different with aliexpress,shein delivery is fast,usually shipping time should be 10-25 days. Another is,shein have different warehouses in different countries,so the goods from shein will be shipped from different warehouses.I am from singapore,my shein package is shipped from bangladesh … Read more

How long does shein take to deliver?

How long does shein take to deliver? SheIn delivers worldwide. Shipping times vary by location. Shipping to the USA normally takes 14-21 days (excluding pre-orders). Tracking is included! Tracking is not available for all packages. In this case, customers will be notified if their order does not have tracking available. How long is shein taking … Read more

Shein return: The most asked questions answered!

Shein return. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return within 30 Days. All we ask is that the items be unworn and in the original condition. For more detailed information visit our return policy page on the product page: , we have also provided a link on our FAQ’s page: … Read more

How long does shein take to ship?

How long does shein take to ship? it usually takes 3-5 days for the items to be shipped after the payment is made. I usually get the package within 10 days. this is an online clothing store like aliexpress. so it takes some time to get the order delivered. How long does shein take to … Read more

Is shein legit?

Is shein legit? Shein is a great website for those who are looking for comfortable, stylish clothing at low prices. It’s a great website with a large selection of clothing for both men and women, and the clothes are high quality and look great. The prices are incredible, and shipping time is very fast. Overall, … Read more