When do girls need deodorant? (Answered in details)

When do girls need deodorant?

When do girls need deodorant? The answer to this question is 11 years.

Generally, girls need deodorant when they reach the age of 11 years. It's the age most of the girls reaches puberty and hence needs to use deodorant to get rid of their foul body odour. During the age of 11 years, most of the girls hit puberty and develops their hormones.

Increased hormones will cause them to sweat more and hence they will end up developing a lot of foul body smell. To get rid of that girls need to apply deodorant in their body folds or vaginal region. Applying deodorant will not only help them get rid of the foul smell but also help others to remain pleased with the smell.

Once the girls reach their puberty age, they will surely need a deodorant to apply on their body while going out or while socializing with their friends. They can even apply it at home whenever they are literally irritated with their foul body smell. 

Deodorants are harmless to use no matter how old or how young you are. You can always use deodorant on your body to get rid of foul body smell. They just replace your body smell with its own pleasant smell. They don't harm your skin neither blocks your sweating pores. 

They are healthy to be used and there is no solid evidence of them being harmful to you. You can use them as soon as you begin to sweat a lot. You can use them as soon as you hit the age of puberty and you begin to feel uncomfortable with your body odour.

Girls are very sensitive about their personal appearance and social existence. They generally don't like to smell bad to others, they simply feel embarrassing with it. So, to keep your body good and make it smell good you can use deodorants from the age of 11 years.

Deodorants should not be confused with antiperspirants. Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants are made of ingredients that stops your body from sweating. It closes all the pores from where sweat comes out of your body. It is harmful to your body if used on a regular basis.

Allowing the sweat to accumulate inside your body may get you several different diseases. It may cause you a lot of harm and you may end up falling sick. So, antiperspirants shouldn't be used daily on your body.

Whereas, deodorants are a great thing to apply to your body. You can apply them (not daily) to get rid of the unpleasant smell coming out of your underarms, feet or your vaginal region. They are made of harmless ingredients and they can be used by a girl as early as they observe increased sweating in their body. 

Girls who are mostly involved in an athletic or sports background may need deodorants very frequent. Physical activities like athletics and sports will always make you sweat. And once you sweat you will surely develop a foul smell due to bacterial breakdown on their folds.

So, it is well concluded that girls need deodorant at the very age of puberty which is generally 11 years.