Can my 3 year old start boxing? (Answered in details)

Can my 3 year old start boxing?

Can my 3 year old start boxing? The answer to this question is NO.

No, 3 years of age is not ideal for letting your kid start boxing. To start boxing one requires enough strength and balance that is not acquired until your kid turns 7. 

The ideal age to start with the sport of boxing is simply 7 years. You have to be at least the age of 7 before you can begin to do boxing.

Boxing is a sport that requires enough amount of strength and coordination that is not achievable until you reach the very age of 7 years. 

You are required to be enough strong and grown-up to practice boxing by hitting the boxing bag. 3-year-olds can't do boxing because they are too young and doesn't have that strength and coordination in their body.

Moreover, boxing requires boxing gloves that are only available once you are grown up as a 7-year-old. There are hardly any boxing gloves available for children who are only as old as 3 years. 

The glove manufacturing company doesn't recognise 3-year-olds as capable of doing boxing and hence they haven't manufactured any for them.

Boxing is a sport in which you require a lot of strength. Even if you are fighting someone of your age, you are required to have enough strength to punch and face the punch. \

You are required to have fast-moving hands that will impart greater effect on your opponent. Plus you are also required to have the punch facing strength. You are required to have enough strength to punch and face it coming.

3-year-olds can never do boxing even if they fight someone of their age. Boxing requires a lot of stability and strength. Plus you have to develop great and fast reflexes to beat your opponent. 

You are required to beat your opponent with your fast and heavy punches. Plus you have to develop your reflexes to remain saved from your opponent's punches.

Counting the benefits of this sport, boxing is a great sport for kids and adults. It is always one of the best sport to develop strength and stability. 

You get to know your reflexes and your responses to the punches. You begin to develop strong and tough fists and arms. Plus your legs also get faster and better with their movements.

Boxing keeps your (seven-year-old) body fit both mentally as well as physically. You get to enjoy the fitness while you dive deeper into this sport. 

You get to feel mental pleasure while you beat your opponent. And once your body remains fit your mind automatically synchronizes with it. 

Kids (3-year-olds) should remain away from this sport until they have a great interest in it. But for seven-year-olds, this sport is the best sport to gain social attention. 

While you play boxing matches you will be surrounded by a lot of audiences. You will be cheered, encouraged and even loved by the people.

So, it is well concluded that a 3-year-old kid can't start boxing being that young.