Can kids go to space? (Answered in details with explanation)

Can kids go to space?

Can kids go to space? The answer to this question is NO.

No, kids can't go to the space because they are kids and not adults. A kid is too immature and too young to be sent to outer space. 

They can't go to the space at all and it will be simply a foolish thing to send a kid to space. It will be a completely foolish decision to launch a kid to space with or without supervision. 

Kids are very young and they have got other things to do during their young age. They should play out with their friends or their toys. 

They shouldn't be sent to space in any type of spacecraft. They are required to be allowed to play and remain with their toys. Going to space is not their job, it's the job of the professional astronauts.

Moreover, a kid is simply not designed or say matured to go to the space. Even there are a lot of adults (astronauts) who are not fully capable of going to space. 

Then they are only kids, there are a lot of risks involved in taking a kid to the space. It's a mature thing to do and accomplish, it's not to be done by young, immature kids.

Also, there is no astronaut suit or say space suit made of their size. Spacesuits are the most essential wear required by an astronaut or any type of space traveller. 

They are all required to wear spacesuits to enter space while going out of their space shuttle. There are no spacesuits designed for kids, they are all designed for grown-ups.

Kids can't be taken to space because of the different body requirements. A person going to space is required to have a 20/20 vision or eyesight. 

He or she is also required to have a blood pressure that shouldn't exceed the limit of 140/90. Plus the person is required to have a height between 5'2" to 6'3".

Kids and babies are simply not that height, they are required to be tall enough to fit in the spacesuit. 

They also don't have that vision plus their blood pressure also can't match the mentioned limit. Moreover, kids don't have any general flying training, people who go to space needs to be an expert in that.

Talking about NASA, it will never allow or force a kid to go to space. It requires a person to be educated enough to go to the space. 

A Master's degree in any of the fields of space, technology, engineering or mathematics is required. But kids don't even start their school yet.

Plus the space becomes a dangerous place, once you go there without oxygen tanks. An adult can comfortably breathe through the oxygen tanks. 

But a kid may find it extremely difficult since they are known to have young and delicate respiratory systems.

So, it is well concluded that kids can't go to the space even if they are accompanied or not.