Can a minor buy a car from a private seller? Answered

Can a minor buy a car from a private seller?

Can a minor buy a car from a private seller? The answer to this question is YES.

Yes, a minor can buy a car from a private seller without any kind of restrictions. Minors can buy used cars from private sellers and that is completely legal by law. 

Minors are under the age of 18 years and hence they can buy cars from private sellers but not without their parent's supervision.

Buying a car as a minor is allowed but all the paperwork and all the signatures are required to be done by their parents. 

Signing in the papers and documents of a car is not allowed by someone who is younger than the age of 18 years. It is simply not meant for underage people to enter a contract and put a signature on them.

Only mature people (who are 18 or older) can sign contracts and deal with them legally. Privately selling a car to a minor (in fact to anyone) is simply a contractual agreement. 

Contractual agreements demand mature people to deal with. Being underage you can't deal with contractual agreements and sign them on your own.

Even if a minor pays solid cash to the private seller, selling a car is still a contractual agreement and it should be handled by your parents or someone adult. 

Being a minor you are not allowed to enter a contract that gives them the option to void it whenever they want to do so. 

Unless it's too necessary and essential for human survival, a minor can't enter or sign a contract at all. The contracts of things like food, clothing and shelter are only allowed for those who are under the age of 18 (or simply minors). 

These three things are the basic requirement for human survival and hence minors are also allowed to sign contracts of them.

But when it comes to entering the contract of a car, then minors are simply not allowed to do it. Car is a thing of luxury and it doesn't come under the three basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. 

So, being a minor you can't legally enter a contract related to a car. Hence, you can't buy a car from a private seller all alone.

So, it is clear that you can't buy a car from a private seller all by yourself, you are required to have someone adult or mature to sign the contract papers. 

Moreover, while buying a car from a private seller, you are required to be very careful and alert. Private sellers usually sell used cars to people and you are required to check the car carefully.

Just examine the car carefully both from inside as well as from outside. Go through its interior seats, the seat covers, the steering wheel, gears, front mirror, music system, navigation system etc.

And to examine its exteriors you are required to go through its car locks, the tyres (are they in good condition), its headlights, backlights, its outer paint and also the window glasses and the car's windshield.

After checking all of them, go for a test drive and finally confirm your purchase and just take your parents to buy the car and sign all the contracts associated with the purchase.

So, it is well concluded that a minor can buy a car from a private seller but he or she needs their parent to enter the contract associated with it.