Can a 17 year old buy a plane ticket? (Answered in details)

Can a 17 year old buy a plane ticket?

Can a 17 year old buy a plane ticket? The answer to this question is NO.

No, a 17-year-old can't buy a plane ticket for travelling in an aeroplane. It is simply illegal and not according to the law to sell a plane ticket to a 17-year-old. To buy a plane ticket one is required to be at least the legal age of 18 or older.

Young people who are only 17 are simply not allowed to buy a plane ticket for their air journeys. They are required to be at least the mature age of 18 to be sold a plane ticket with. 17-year-olds are too young to buy a plane ticket and they are also considered minors. Minors are not allowed to buy plane tickets and sit in an aeroplane all by themselves.

You have to be mature and enough grown-up to buy a plane ticket and sit in an aeroplane to do a plane journey. The flight laws generally don't sell a plane ticket to anyone who is as young as 17 years olds. They are simply considered minors and immature to be given a plane ticket. However, they may get one if they are accompanied by some elder (their parent or their guardian).

17-year-olds can't buy plane tickets legally only because of a simple reason. 17-year-olds are young and they don't have any bank account in their name. Hence, they can't make a purchase independently. Plus they are also unaware of the ticket booking system. Frauds and scams are always there in this particular field and they may get robbed with it.

Immature people (17-year-olds) are still kids and they can't be trusted with money and its use. They have to either ask their parents or someone elder to help them with booking plane tickets for them. They can't personally book plane tickets for them and are also restricted from travelling alone.

Different airlines have different rules and different regulations, however, none of them sells tickets to minors or underage people. You have to be at least the mature age of 18 years to buy a ticket for the aeroplane. If you are only 17 then you can purchase them by using your parent's debit or credit cards.

You can always purchase tickets virtually without getting yourself noticed or identified by the ticket seller. But still, you have to purchase the tickets after letting your parents know about it. You have to make your parents aware of your purchase and then you can legally buy tickets using your parent's money.

Even if you are done with buying your plane tickets (with your parent's credit/debit card). You are now left with following the airline rules and regulations. Now you have to follow the airline guidelines to enter and travel in any of their aeroplanes. Most of them will declare you as minors once you are only 17.

And hence they will want you to be accompanied by someone elder (like your parent or guardian). For them, safety is the topmost priority and hence they don't want any unaccompanied minor to travel alone without safety or without their parent's supervision. 

So, it is well concluded that you can't buy a plane ticket being young as a 17-year-old.