What age can you dye your hair? (Answered in details)

What age can you dye your hair?

What age can you dye your hair? The answer to this question is after the age of puberty.

You can dye your hair right after you hit the age of puberty. On average, the boys hit puberty at the age of 12 whereas girls hit it at 11. Being either a boy or a girl, you are required to dye your hair right after you hit the age of puberty. 

If you choose to dye your hair prior to the age of puberty, you may end up with damaged hair and scalp. Your head contains the scalp as well as the hair on it. It requires till the age of puberty to get them matured and strong. If you apply dye on your hair being younger your puberty age. Then you can get your hair damaged, your scalp may get allergic.

Hair dye is not good for your hair as well as for your scalp. Hair dye is actually the mixture of several different chemicals that are mixed to impart colour to it. Modern-day hair dyes are just chemicals made of artificial stuff. 

Applying them to a young scalp and unmatured hair will simply get them damaged. You may lose the natural smoothness and colour of your hair. Or you may end up with a damaged head scalp. You are required to have matured hair and scalp to apply to them. 

The age of 12 (for boys) and 11 (for girls) should be leapt forward to get their hair dyed with hair colours. In the journey from a kid to a teen, the hair undergoes several changes through this time. Starting with its texture, thickness, colour and curls everything goes on changing with time. 

Finally, as you hit puberty, you get a minimum stoppage to this process. And that's why it's recommended to avoid hair dyes until the age of puberty. If hair dye is used at an extremely young age, then the chemicals included in it may damage the scalp and the hair, both. 

Before puberty a kid usually possesses a delicate scalp, their hair is also thinner compared to that after puberty. If hair dye is applied at that age, the scalp with quickly react to the allergens present in the dye and will get your kid allergic to hair dyes.

It will also cause a lot of irritations, itching, burns and different other painful stuff to the kid. He or she will develop allergies on their head and their scalp may also get pimples or other formations. Hair dye is literally a dangerous thing to be applied to a kid's hair or scalp. Your kid may also face some serious swallowing and breathing difficulties with it.

Apart, it is well recommended to avoid permanent hair dyes on any kid younger than the age of 8. Highlighting or lightening hair should only be done after the very age of puberty. 40 volume hair colour should be completely avoided on a child's head and only 10 volume or less, hair colour should be applied.

So, it is well concluded that you have to hit the age of puberty to be eligible to get your hair dyed without any harmful side effects.