Should an 8 year old play Call of Duty? (Answered in details)

Should an 8 year old play Call of Duty?

Should an 8 year old play Call of Duty? The answer to this question is NO.

An 8-year-old shouldn't play Call of Duty because it's an adult game. A kid who is only eight, shouldn't play this game by any means. This game contains a hell of a lot of mature content and it is not appropriate for kids who are only eight. 

Apart, it also has a lot of violence in it, which is simply not suitable for kids to view and remain in. Call of duty contains a lot of adult content that is visible in the form of violence, gore and profanity. 

There are scenes that include sex, drugs, drinking, alcohol and also smoking. These things shouldn't be shown to kids and hence they shouldn't play Call of Duty ever.

Call of Duty is simply a threat to the young mind, which is not even grown completely. Most of the kids minds are delicate and weak in nature. 

They can't be feed with this mature content, doing it will simply disturb their minds and their knowledge. These things are inappropriate and even banned by law. If you allow your 8 years old to play this game, then you may go behind the bars.

Killing is the only ambition of this game and as a player, you have to kill soldiers on the battlefield. You can't allow your child to kill and just kill them. This will impact their mental state and will make them go crazy. Moreover, the continuous sound of firing is also kind of very disturbing for young minds.

The game is itself very violent and there are obvious scenes of vulgarity, sex and other adult stuff. Viewing them at that young age is simply illegal, you may get your kid mad after allowing them to play it. Mind is always attracted to the bad things, so don't allow your kid to capture the bad things at the age of 8.

Call of Duty is a survival game and it's rated M, only to make the parents and elders aware of its use. It is basically made to give you the very feeling of action, adventure and a real soldier. In this game, you will get to fight your opponents, and kill them with bullets. 

Its very theme is based on the attack of the invaders from Russia. As a player, you are gathering with your other mates to fight them out and save your country from them. This game is inappropriate for 8-year-olds, but those who are 18+ can surely enjoy playing it.

Adults will surely enjoy playing it as a soldier, helping their country from the Russian invaders. This game is a real treat to any adult, who keeps an interest in thrill, action and war. He or she will surely find it amazing to play on the gaming setups.

So, it is well concluded that an 8-year-old shouldn't play Call of Duty at all, simply due to its mature content and M rating. Call of Duty is simply a great disturbance for those young minds.