How old do you have to be to change your name in Texas? Answered

How old do you have to be to change your name in Texas?

How old do you have to be to change your name in Texas? The answer to this question is 18 years.

You have to be atleast 18 years old to change your name in Texas. You can't change your name being younger than 18. Texas only allows adults who are 18 or older to change their name. Young kids who are not 18, can't proceed with changing their name alone. They have to present their parent's consent to the concerned authorities. 

Individuals who are younger than 18 is considered immature and young by the law. So, that's why they are not allowed to proceed with the name change process alone. They can, however, get it done by having their parent's affirmative consent. They have to present the consent in a form of a signed document to the concerned authorities. Your name change will go through the court and judge and then you will finally get your name changed. 

Texas allows you to change your name once you are mature enough and of the age of 18. You are allowed to change either your first or your last name by law. You can even change the middle name if you want. Most people change their name due to two main reasons. 

They are either due to a marriage or a divorce. In the case of marriage, you may be willing to add your spouse's last name to your's previous name or something like that. While in the case of divorce, you may be willing to removing your spouse's last name from your current name or so. 

Reasons may be many, but the law remains the same. You have to be legally 18+, otherwise, you will not be allowed to change your name at all. Some of the name changes require you to approach the court, whereas a lot of other doesn't require you to approach it. You can easily get it done by reaching the county's clerk or respective authorities. Texas allows you to get it done even if you don't approach the court.

In the very case of adding a new last name or changing it, you can proceed without approaching the court. Just take the marriage certificate with you to the county's clerk office along with a valid government identity. Also, take your social security number and some money to pay the fees. Marriage cases usually cost 30 to 85 dollars once you are getting it done via your county's clerk.

Even the case of divorce has got a similar procedure. You need to carry your documents and some money to pay to the clerk to get your work done.

So, the process to change the name simply starts with carrying a copy of your fingerprints and background check, filling the petition form, completing the form order, filing the petition, then attending the court hearing and ultimately ending with filing the order. 

File the signed order with the county's clerk office and get confirmed with your name change. Now you have to update the new name to all your personal documents including your driving license, voter card, social security card and passport.

So, it is well concluded that you have to be atleast 18 years old to get your name changed in Texas all alone.