How old do you have to be to carry pepper spray in California? Answered

How old do you have to be to carry pepper spray in California?

How old do you have to be to carry pepper spray in California? The answer to this question is 16 years old.

You have to be at least 16 years old to carry pepper spray in the state of California. The American state of California allows you to carry pepper spray once you have written permission from your parents and you are at least 16 years old. 

The law allows you to carry the pepper spray only when you are using it for self-defence. You can't carry pepper spray for any other motive and if you are found doing anything like that, you will be put behind the bars.

Pepper spray is a great weapon to use as a teen. It is useful for self-defence, you will surely be capable of saving yourself with its use. Pepper spray contains pepper and it is quite helpful to crap the shit out of your enemies. Pepper spray can get one's eyes to tear, it can cause some acute pain to them, plus it is also known to cause temporary blindness. 

It is also capable of making people immediately close their eyes, cough or simply tear up. The pepper content in the spray also keeps the potential to tighten one's chest, secret mucus and do some other temporary discomforts.

Pepper spray is a great weapon for teen girls as well as boys when it comes to self-defence. It is often used to cause temporary blindness and tears in the enemy's eyes. Pepper spray is also observed to be used by police and defence authorities. Simply to stop the crowd from continuing any kind of violent activities. 

In the American state of California, the law allows people to carry and use pepper spray, only for self-defence purposes. The use of pepper spray is legal there, the only coz it is considered a weapon of war. However, there are certain laws that change with different American states. They may limit or increase the usage of the pepper spray in terms of its potential, amount or frequency etc. 

However, the use of pepper spray is legal only when it's used by someone to defend themselves from their enemies. Once found to be used otherwise (to attack or to harm) then the person can be sentenced to 16-month long imprisonment. He or she may also be fined up to 1000 dollars for the same.

It is kind of illegal to use the weapon, pepper spray for attacking or harming someone you are fed up with. You need not attack or harm anybody, as it's illegal and will simply get you punishments if you are found doing it. 

So, it is well concluded that the American state of California only allows 16 or above to use pepper spray for self-defence purposes. Any act that is otherwise, is simply illegal and not advised to do anyways. Pepper spray is a weapon and it should be used to stop crime and violence.