How much alcohol can a 16 year old drink? (Answered in details)

How much alcohol can a 16 year old drink?

How much alcohol can a 16 year old drink? The answer to this question is 14 units a week.

A 16-year-old teenager is allowed to drink only 14 units of alcohol a week. To be very clear, 1 unit of alcohol means 10 ml or 8 grams of alcohol. So, a 16-year-old is allowed to drink only 140ml or 112 grams of alcohol in a week. 

More than that is simply not allowed and it is harmful to the teen body. Teens are just growing and a 16-year-old can never have a healthy body if he or she drinks alcohol in excessive amounts. Alcohol is an addictive product that makes a person feel drunk and get hungover. 

Excessive consumption of it can lead you to have serious health problems. You may end up with a damaged liver and you may feel like vomiting.

Alcohol doesn't come separately in a bottle, it just comes mixed with different drinks, like beer, sprite, wine, vodka, brandy, rum etc. All these drinks are considered alcoholic beverages and they are very addictive to the human body. 

Teens should not consume more than the limit mentioned. Once a teen goes 16, he or she should drink alcohol only once a week. They must be supervised and controlled by the elders regarding it. Nobody should allow them to drink more than once a week. 

According to public law, anyone who is younger than the age of 18 can be arrested and put behind the bars, if they are found to drink alcoholic beverages in public. So, if you are only 16 years old, you need to avoid drinking alcohol in the public. 

The law also states that nobody can try to sell you alcohol if you are younger than 18. So, if you are 16, just don't accept any alcoholic beverage from anyone, mostly when they are trying to sell it to you.

If you are younger than 18 years, then you are also not allowed to buy any kind of alcoholic beverages from the going market. Never ever try buying them through any personal means.

If you are 16 and you are requesting any adult or someone who is elder than you to buy you a drink. Then it is also a great violation of the law. You can't try this in real life.

Young people (less than 18) are also prohibited from drinking alcohol in any licensed and under supervision premises like a pub or a restaurant. 

So, if you are 16 then you can go to any pub or alcohol-serving restaurant and drink any alcoholic beverage. But you can't buy alcohol from there, even if you are accompanied by an adult there.

That's all about the laws associated with alcohol, now let's discuss what are the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption in the body. Firstly, it's dangerous to your mind and it can make you involve in different violent activities. Fights, quarrels, abusiveness comes with drinking it in excessive amount.

It can cause damage to your social character, it can affect your employment, may make you addicted to females and may also give you thoughts of attempting suicide and other thoughts of self-destruction.

Plus your liver, bones, hormones and most importantly your brain will also be affected by its excessive consumption.