How many hours can a 17 year old work in the summer? Answered

How many hours can a 17 year old work in the summer?

How many hours can a 17 year old work in the summer? The answer to this question is 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.

A 17-year-old is only allowed to work 8 hours a day and a maximum of 40 hours a week. Any organisation or company that hires teens of 17, can only make them work 8 hours a day. To the maximum, they can be engaged for 8 hours of work in a whole day and 40 hours of work in a whole week. Provided that they are free of any kind of hazardous and dangerous work. They should be free of the risks of life and sight. 

Most of the 17-year-olds are school-going children, they may work in their summer vacations only up to the mentioned time. Teens shouldn't be forced to work more than that. They are immature and still growing humans and that's why they can't be forced to overwork. 

The work that the organisation or company is providing must lie between the time of 7 in the morning to 9 in the night. They should be engaged only in between these two-time limits. Forcing them to work beyond these limits, can be a punishable offence.

The organisation or the particular authorities may be punished if they force the teens to overwork. These cases are simply rare, but if still spotted, they will be counted under child labour. The organisation or the authorities may be charged or simply put into prison. 

Teens are required to be given the freedom to work at desirable times. They shouldn't be forced to overwork and get sick. They are only 17 and that's not the right age to work at all. They are still in the stage of being cared for and loved by their elders. 

They are not ready to face real-life challenges in the real world. They still need a lot of time to work regularly as adults. Being only 17, they have a delicate mind and a delicate body, that's why they shouldn't be forced to work that hard. Being that young, they are required to work only 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. However, they can also settle with relatively fewer working hours.

Being 17 years old, you may get experience and real-life exposure while working for different companies in the summer. But prior to joining them, make sure to carry some important documents with you. Carry your age certificate and employment certificate according to your place of residence. You may use them to get an internship or a job, especially during the summers.

While finding any company or organisation always try to discover their work. Don't go anywhere where you are asked to overwork (more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week). You are required to be a conscious teen while finding a job in the summer. Always try to avoid jobs that involve dealing with fire, harmful chemicals, dangerous explosives and other sharp and pointed stuff.

So, it is well concluded that being only 17, you are only allowed to work a maximum of 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.