Does a minor need an ID to fly alone? (Answered in details)

Does a minor need an ID to fly alone?

Does a minor need an ID to fly alone? The answer to this question is YES. 

Yes, a minor needs an ID to fly alone via any of the available airlines. Minors once found travelling alone, without their parents will always require an ID to do so.

If you are also a minor and are planning to travel without your guardians, then you should carry an ID with you. The airport guards and the checking in counters will always ask you for it. Minors are always required to carry a general ID proof with them.

However, the requirement varies with airports and different airlines. But in general a minor is required to carry an ID proof with them to travel alone. The US airlines don't ask for any ID proof for any minor travelling alone lying between the age of 5 to 14 years. However, older minors may be stopped and asked for an ID. Teens who lie between 15 to 17 years of age need an ID to fly in domestic flights running in the United States. 

The ID can be anything starting from your driving license, passport, credit card, school ID card, social security card or anything similar. The teens of 15 to 17 years of age need to carry something as proof of their identity and existence. 

However, the requirements again vary with Southwest airlines. Southwest airlines demand valid ID proof from all the people who lie in the 5 to 11 age group. They are required to show them any of their ID proof for verification and entering the plane. They may agree with your birth certificate and may ask you to show your photo ID at the entrance.

So, the conclusion says that if you are flying anywhere within the United States alone, then you will surely need ID proof. You must carry it with you, once you are not flying with your parents or elders. Sometimes you may not require them specifically, but in general, you are always asked to show them to the airport authorities.

Shifting to the cases of international flights, you need to be aware of some facts. Once you are going to some other country all alone, you need to carry a valid passport with you. You need to carry it to simply prove and validate yourself as a US citizen. Since you are travelling without your parents, you need to carry the passport as well as the child travel consent form with you.

IDs are still required if the minor is travelling with his/her teachers and grandparents. ID proof and children travel consent form is a must. All the minors must carry both of them with them to travel with their teachers and grandparents. 

So, it is well concluded that a minor needs an ID to fly without his/her parents and it is kind of a strict law to be followed. As a minor, you must travel with all your documents and stuff that proves your identity as a US citizen to the airport authorities.