Can a 13 year old work in Texas? (Answered in details)

Can a 13 year old work in texas?

Can a 13 year old work in Texas? The answer to this question is NO.

No, according to the Texas employment law, children who are 13 years old can't work at all. Texas employment status doesn't allow teens who are only 13 to work. 13 years old are not allowed to do work in any kind of job. 

It is treated as a kind of child labour in Texas and they are considered too young to work for any organisation on the company. Until and unless the requirement is too intense and urgent, a teen who is only 13 is not allowed to work. 

The minimum age that is required to work in Texas is simply 14 years. Anyone who is 14 can work for some restricted hours to earn their living. 14 years old teens are allowed to work only eight hours a day.

They are not allowed to work more than that in an entire day. However, those who are fourteen need to verify their age via an age certificate. They have to send a request to the Texas Workforce Commission to issue them the age certificate. And then they can apply for several organisations and find work.

The jobs that they (14 years old) are being chosen for should be completely safe. The jobs should be completed in the favour of life and health. 14-year-olds shouldn't be employed in too hazardous and dangerous job places. 

They must be supervised and looked after by any responsible parent or guardian. The job timings should not affect the individual's school. Everything should be clean and clear regarding the employment tag. 

Unlike too needy teens, generally, teens are not required to do work in their teenage. They can easily manage to live a good life on their parent's income. 

But those who don't have their parents and are needy requires to be at least 14 or older to work in Texas. However, they can't work for the entire day, coz they are only children and they are still growing.

No matter what kind of job it is, whether it's a delivery job, product selling job, motor operating job or any kind of other acting jobs. All of them have their own limitations and all of them have their own working hours. 

But none can force a teen to work before 5 am in the morning or after 10 pm in the night. They must be kept engaged only for 8 hours a workday or 48 hours a workweek.

The only reason for these restrictions is simply coz their delicate and soft age. As a state (Texas) they are only restricting employment due to the teen's abilities. 

They are well aware of the fact that teens are not grown-ups and they should study and go to school at that age. Working is not even required until their family is too needy or poor.

So, it is well concluded that a teen who is only 13 can't work in Texas at all. He or she needs to be either 14 or older to work for restricted hours a day.