29 Quotes on accepting mistakes to read and always accept your mistake!

Quotes on accepting mistakes

Quotes on accepting mistakes. Mistakes are not for machines, it is for humans like me and you. We all do mistakes and none of them were intentioanlly or planned. Human beings can't do anything absolutely right and that's why they are known to do mistakes. Doing mistakes always helps you to get lessons and in turn makes us learn new things. We all do mistakes and we should accept them immediately. Coz accepting our mistakes makes us remain out of problems and saves us from making the situation worse. Accepting your mistakes makes you feel good and out of all burdens. Once you show your wisdom and accept your mistake, you become superior in your words and people begin to forgive you. That's a great way to remain saved from getting trapped in any type of problem! If you wanna know more about it, you can go through the following quotes on accepting mistakes also!

1. “One of the best roads to self-improvement is acceptance of personal mistakes and correcting them as soon as possible.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes on accepting mistakes

2. “Correction is the tool for creating better from worse. Make the best use of it!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

3. “You are likely to keep repeating the same mistake all over again if you do not agree it’s a mistake.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

4. “Stop blaming other people for your mistakes. Until you are ready to admit that you are infallible, you are vulnerable for failure to whip.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

5. "When you love and accept yourself, when you know who really cares about you, and when you learn from your mistakes, then you stop caring about what people who don't know you think." ― Beyonce Knowles

6. "Failure is enriching. It's also important to accept that you'll make mistakes - it's how you build your expertise. The trick is to learn a positive lesson from all of life's negative moments." ― Alain Ducasse

7. "I learned from my mistakes; I was able to accept the things that were my fault and to be able to grow from that. You have to be able to see growth from your experiences, and I've done that." ― LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

8. "I am telling you, as a president of the country, I do not find it a mistake to listen to you and to respond to your requests and demands. But it is shameful and I will not, nor will ever accept to hear foreign dictations, whatever the source might be or whatever the context it came in." ― Hosni Mubarak

9. "You don’t accept your weaknesses the same way that you love the weaknesses of another artist, because when they make mistakes they don’t look like weaknesses." 

Quotes on accepting mistakes

10. "Accept your mistakes with a brave heart. Fear no one; only you know the pain they gave you and the lessons they taught you."

11. "Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can’t accept your imperfections, that’s their fault."

12. "Mistakes are normal and human. Make them small, accept them, correct them, and forget them."

13. "I only accept your mistakes and flaws to the degree that I accept my own."

14. "Accept responsibilities for all your actions. Learn from your past and your mistakes." 

15. "You need to accept responsibility for your mistakes. And I’ve done that." 

16. "I’m a film buff and I was keen to find out about the response to Daniel Craig’s 007. ‘Empire’ and ‘Hot Dog’ had great reviews, and finally he’s been accepted as the new Bond. So many millions go into that franchise that if you make a mistake, it’s awful."

17. "I was offered some film roles, and I did not do them. It would have been interesting, but I have no regrets. I am where I am; I accept and embrace the mistakes because they’re character-building and they build perspective and talent."

18. "I’m just smart enough to know what it is I don’t know and try to learn as I go along and accept that you’re going to make mistakes, and there are going to be things that are not going to be perfect."

19. "Once you accept that we’re all imperfect, it’s the most liberating thing in the world. Then you can go around making mistakes and saying the wrong thing and tripping over on the street and all that and not feel worried."

20. "Sometimes it’s difficult to accept, to recognise one’s own mistakes, but one must do it. I was guilty of overconfidence and arrogance, and I was punished for that."

21. "I did some mistakes; I accept that - I always accept my mistakes. For sure, we are looking forward to improve, to deliver my best as always."

Quotes on accepting mistakes

22. "I don’t overthink when I’m styling. I kind of forgive myself and accept that I will make mistakes. Getting dressed should be a fun experience!"

23. "I’m a very contented, peaceful man. I made mistakes, yes, but I accepted them, and, I hope, graciously."

24. "The Gift belongs to whoever chooses to accept it. It is enough to believe and not to be afraid to make a few mistakes."

25. "I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions."

26. "I’m crazy about Grant: his character, his nature, his science in fighting and everything else. But I don’t like the idea that he never accepted the blame for anything, always found someone else to blame for any mistake that was ever made, including blaming Prentiss for Shiloh."

27. "Sometimes its difficult to accept, to recognise ones own mistakes, but one must do it. I was guilty of overconfidence and arrogance, and I was punished for that."

28. "He understood that in walking to atone for the mistakes he had made, it was also his journey to accept the strangeness of others."

29. "You must make your own blunders, must cheerfully accept your own mistakes as part of the scheme of things."