How to stop bothering someone? (Answered in 10 tips)

How to stop bothering someone?

How to stop bothering someone? Bothering someone is always easy when you stop thinking about him or her. If you don't engage your mind to think about that person, then you can easily stop bothering him or her. You are required to make your mind calm and take it away from that person, you don't want to bother about. You must stay affirmative while doing it, coz annoying people also left you in anger and rage. Just handle the situation with a smiling face and never think about the person again. Always try to focus on yourself and your work, you will automatically stop bothering about that person. The human mind can handle anything and it's just a person, it can also be handled without any big difficulty. All you need to do is just remain away from that person and his/her thoughts. 

Everything becomes easy when you show zero involvement. Remember that nothing in this world can bother you until you are engaged in it. If you show your zero involvement and never let it catch your attention then the problem is solved. He or she will never annoy you or even think about it anytime. You will not be bothered and will not be annoyed ever again. Everything in this world is useless and harmless until you give it a reaction of yours. Everything stays in this world untouched and stable until there is any other element disturbing it. So, if you want to stop bothering about someone, then you need to show zero attention and zero involvement. You can easily stay calm and undisturbed doing it.

How to stop bothering someone?

1. Stay away as much as you can: If you are being annoyed or disturbed by someone strange. Then you need to ignore it as like, there is nothing. You have to stay away or remain far as much as you can. Involvement gives birth to disturbance and you will simply get annoyed once the person annoys you. So, it will be a very wise decision to remain out of the person's vision and avoid all his contacts. Be patient and never react to his actions and attempts to disturb you. Doing this will make the person abandoned and he will leave you in emptiness and boredom. People usually annoy others when they are bored and annoyed with themselves. So, just make their boredom a tool and keep them suffering from it.

2. Stop thinking about the person: If you really want to don't bother the person, you need to stop thinking about him. You need to stop building thoughts about that person and divert your mind away from it. Once you stop thinking about that person, you will stop acting for him, and once you stop acting for him, you will get free of him and will never bother him again. It is always a well and good idea to avoid that person from reaching you, so it will be fine to block his contacts, stop his discussions with others, and promoting him to your family and relatives. Never pronounce the name of that person, and you will obviously not have to bother him again!

3. Focus on your career: If you want to stop bothering about that person, then you can do a great thing and it is simply to focus on your career. You can achieve a lot of milestones and ranking while working on yourself and your career. Once you focus on yourself and work for your own, then you will automatically avoid any thoughts of that person. You will not get enough time to even think about him. Focusing on your job or business is a great idea to do improvements and to stay away from that unknown person. Always try to build your skills, your name, and fame and you will see you need to be bothered by that stranger ever again.

4. Pretend that you are bothered: Pretending that you are bothered with that person, can be a good idea to fix your problem. Once you pretend that you are bothered by that person, the person will do whatever he wants to do with you and will leave. But if you keep on ignoring him, then he may create an unnecessary bond with you and will keep on disturbing you forever. So, it's a very clever idea to pretend that you are bothering him and just talk to him to end the drama there. Don't let the drama of not bothering to, extend for a long period of time. It will create unnecessary chaos for you and will put you in dangerous trouble. In an attempt to ignore such strangers, you may face difficulties and may get dodged like a football. 

How to stop bothering someone?

5. Be fearless: It should be noted that people who are annoying and disturbing can harm you without any reason. And in such situations, you need to be aware of them and prevent yourself from their friendly attacks. You are a human, and he is also a human, so you can easily prevent their disturbances by being fearless. These people always enjoy your fear, they will always get entertained by your actions in fear. So, you are required to be fearless and brave while facing them on your own. You are required to ignore them as much as you can. Coz ignoring them is the best option to stop bothering them. Never get feared by their actions and never give up ignoring them.

6. Cut off their contacts: The best way to stop bothering someone is to stop or block all the contacts of that person. Once you stop coming in their circles and they are not able to contact you, then you will obviously able to stop bothering them. Your reactions and your replies make them excited to annoy you even further. If you stop giving them reactions and just stay on your own, then they will simply not get entertained by disturbing you. And once they don't find any fun or entertainment in disturbing you, they will obviously stop contacting you. Making yourself isolated from them, such that they become unable to contact you is the best way to stop bothering them anyways.

7. Tell others to help you: In case the person you want to not bother about, don't stops by your simple ignorance. Then you can tell others to help you regarding it, you can approach others about your problem and ask them to help you with it. In such a case, people will help you by making that person stop disturbing you. People can turn off any person, with their unity and their groups. So, if people come to know about that person, then they will not leave him. They will surely make him stop doing that by either complaining to his parents or his elders. The public is a powerful body and every one before it is helpless. So, the person you do not want to bother about will automatically stop annoying you due to the fear of the public.

8. Try being kind: Kindness plays an important role in changing hearts, and it have always helped people from those who annoys them. So, if you want to stop bothering about someone, then you can try being kind to him. Just show your emotions and try to understand his position. Sometimes the annoyers maybe doing it in pain and grief, they may want sympathy from you. So, being kind is a great option to cut off that annoying person. They may want your attention only to make you hear their pain and grief, they may want your help and that's why they are disturbing you. So, to look after their matter and showing them kindness is one of the many ways to stop bothering about them. You will easily get cut off from these people, once you show your kindness and big heart.

9. Never get angry: People who seems annoying to you, are always in a search for your anger. They will simply enjoy making you angry and creating rage in you. They will always make you feel hyper and will get the needed entertainment. So, the first step to stop bothering these people is to cancel out your anger on them. You can easily stay away from them if you don't losse your mind and react otherwise. You are required to be calm and simple while handling such distractions. Your tiny little reactions should be neat and free of anger. You must not feel angry regarding their behaviour towards you. You should handle everything in a decent manner and I guarantee you, you will soon stop getting their attention.

How to stop bothering someone?

10. Try to change yourself: If you are also getting disturbed and distracted by that annoying person, then you should try to change yourself according the situation. You can't change people according to yourself, but you can change yourself everytime. Just empty your mind and stop thinking about them, you will soon find ways to avoid them. You will surely get a way from those distracting people and will easily stop bothering them. Just change yourself and mould yourself according to the situation, never get angry or never try to harm that annoying person. Always handle it with care and understanding, coz harming him will only harm yourself. You will ruin your life behind that single annoying person.

Final words: Stopping to bother someone is always easy when you remain cool and hold your inner peace. You can easily stop people from annoying you, if you stop noticing them. just try to become a ghost and focus on your career rather than that person. You will surely succeed in making the person out of your existence. Just follow the above ten tips to do it practically in your real life.