How to stop being mean in a relationship? Answered

How to stop being mean in a relationship?

How to stop being mean in a relationship? Relationships always face the time when one of the partners starts being mean to the other. It is mostly seen in long-term relationships, where the partners share their life for a very long period of time. A person will act mean only when he or she is being treated meanly by somebody else. It is a simple human behavior to act the same way, you are being treated by somebody else. And since you are in a relationship and you are with your partner, you will obviously act mean to him or her. Being mean is just the reflex action to a mean behavior done to you, it will just occur naturally. Nobody wants to be mean to his/her partner, but the situations make them act mean and create chaos. However, it is believed that fights and meanness increases love in a relationship, it increases your care towards your partner. Fights due to being mean will always end up creating even more love and more care. 

A relationship just ends up being better and closer after fights and acts of meanness. Couples begin to remember those mean acts and just try to forgive each other. These acts of forgiveness make the love even better and deeper. You will always feel bad for your mean partner, once he or she stops being mean to you. You will begin to recall and realize the reason behind the meanness. You will try to compensate those mean acts of your partner with excuses of the situations, of emotions, and the ongoing time. Being mean to your partner signifies how deeply you are attached to him/her. It signifies that you have someone to share your meanness with, those who are close to your heart will always face the maximum fights and the maximum meanness of yours. Believe me, it's a good thing to be mean to your partner, even if the situation forces you. Coz, everything ends up as happy moments, increasing your love and care for each other.

However you can't stop being mean entirely, but if you want to give it a try, then you can go through the following effective tips:

How to stop being mean in a relationship?

1. Control your emotions: If you are mean, then it simply means you have faced a mean situation earlier. You might have faced someone mean and cruel in the past. And in the reply to that meanness, you are being mean to your partner. You just want to take revenge on that mean act and you have none, but your partner to act mean with. So, it is well-advised not to act mean to your partner. Instead, you need to learn to control your mental emotions. Never get disturbed by anyone's mean act, just stay calm and control your emotions as much as you can. Become neutral and just use that incident to become more powerful. Take revenge by working on your skills and making them better. You need to be calm and composed and control your anger, rage, and all other mean intentions.

2. Remember your partner's face: You can forget everything but you can't forget your partner's face. So, whenever you are planning to act mean with him/her, you are required to just remember his/her face and just think about it. You need to think, how could you be so mean to someone special? Will it be ok to be mean to? Would he/she get hurt by doing so? Going through all these questions may make you think deeply and stop you from being mean to your dear partner. Just try to understand, that it's your partner and nobody else, nobody will be so close to you as your partner. So, just try to be respectful, loving, and caring to him or her. It's your someone special and it's the person, you are planning to live your entire life with. How can you be mean to anyone like that? Just think deeply and decide according to his/her cute face.

3. Think of the future: The best way to stop acting mean to your partner is to simply think about the future. Once you start thinking about your relationship and its position in the upcoming future, then you will surely ignore the thought of being mean to your partner. Being mean now, in the present simply means emotional and mental detachment from each other, decaying of potential love and care for each other, increased rage towards each other, and simply danger for your future married life. And if you keep on being mean and angry towards your dear partner, you may lose him/her forever. This may give you goosebumps, but believe me, there are numerous cases known, where meanness and rage have destroyed relationships. The partners have turned to enemies, rather than love birds. So, it is well advised to keep your future in mind and never act mean with your partner.

How to stop being mean in a relationship?

4. Remain in your own world: People are always there to tease you, harm you, and disturb you. There are a lot of people who just pass their time doing all this. They will act mean to you and behind this, their only motive will be to break your relationship. If they are mean to you, then it's okay, let them be mean to you. But why are you even being getting affected by that shitter? Just stay positive, think positive, and stay in your own world. Stay happy with your partner, develop love, affection, care, and warmth within each other. Why are you dragging yourself to somebody's else world, why are you even reacting to that mean act he has done to you. All these are just distractions and ways to disturb you, destroy you, and bring anger to you. Just be clever and ignore his mean act like nothing has happened at all. Be honest, be truthful, and remain in your own world full of love and care.

5. Learn to forgive: If you have already gone through a situation where you have faced some meanness from someone. And you are planning to impose the same on your loved one, especially on your partner. Then you should stop it immediately and should control your emotions. You are already in pain, and you have already faced a mean person recently. If in this ongoing situation your partner teases you with his/her anger and says something bitter, then you need to forgive her/him immediately. You are not required to get angry or frustrated with your partner. Just stay strong, control your emotions and just forgive your partner for the anger and bitter talks. Doing this will show your understanding side to your partner and you will simply become a hero in his/her eyes. You will gain the trust and will always be loved and care for your forgiving quality.

6. Become more romantic: Once you throw all your mean thoughts and intentions from your brain, then you will develop love within yourself. You will begin to love your partner more than ever. You will begin to love your dear one with your entire heart. You will get a great feeling remaining in the emotions of love and care for each other. Just take your partner to romantic places, watch romantic movies and just have food in some romantic restaurants. This will develop the pure romance within both of you and either of you will never come across the feeling of becoming mean ever again. It is a matter of fact, mean people will always try to make you mean. But everything depends on you, so just control your rage and anger by replacing them with romance and love. Stay romantic and live a loving life with your partner forever.

7. Get used to your partner's meanness: Yes, your partner may be of angry nature, he/she may annoy you with their mean behavior. Your partner may make you face their mean behavior through their talks, actions, or decisions. But you need to be wise, you need to act like you are used to all of them. Just make yourself that it's a part of love, a part of your partner, and you can easily take it. If you make your mind used to all this nonsense, then you will simply lead your relationship. You will become capable of facing anything and anytime, whether it's your partner's mean act, behavior, or mean talks towards you.  Prove yourself different and just try to absorb all of them and stay calm towards your partner's meanness. Just stay loving, caring, and act like a sponge, that can absorb anything and can throw it also. Receive meanness and just reply with love, care, and satisfaction with your partner.

How to stop being mean in a relationship?

8. Awaken the lover inside: A partner can be mean to his/her partner, but a lover can't. If you remain successful in awakening the lover inside you, then you will never even think of being mean to your partner. A real lover will always love, irrespective of the toughness of the situation. If you want to win your partner's heart then you have to act loving and caring rather than being mean. A loving partner will always get love and will become successful in changing your partner's heart. Act like a lover, give love in spite of love and meanness. Doing this is tough, until you awaken the lover inside you, just see it through the vision of a lover and not of a normal partner. Try to remain at the top and solve everything with the loving eye of a lover. Stay loving, caring and become the favorite person of your partner.

Final words: If you really love somebody, then you can't stop being mean entirely. Coz it's the rule of love, that it forces to fight and quarrel. A real loving couple is made more loving with these little acts of meanness. The love within will gets deeper and more effective once the fight gets over. Being mean is just a way to increase your love in your relationship. But being mean for longer times may be harmful and that should be avoided. To avoid being mean for long times, you need to go through the above effective 8 tips.