How to not be jealous of friends hanging out? Answered

How to not be jealous of friends hanging out?

How to not be jealous of friends hanging out? The simple answer is to change your thinking and vision towards it. Many times you may see your friend hanging out and chilling out with someone other than you. You may think that your friend is simply ignoring you and cheating on you. But believe me, the fact is something else, a person who is your friend will never leave you alone until the situation drags him to do it. Never get jealous of these situations and always remain with your friend, no matter if he or she hangs out with someone else. He is your friend, and not your bodyguard, that you expect him to remain with you 24/7. If you are getting jealous of your friend, then you need to know that, friendship is not a pet bird. You can't keep it folded inside a cage or some cabin, let your friend fly with anyone he desires to. Coz freedom is the best thing that can be promoted in a healthy friendship. But some fools doubt it and destroy it with their jealousy and feelings of insecurity. Just try to change your vision and thinking towards the situation, and stop making your friend your bodyguard!

Your friend may have something to deal with, that you don't have any experience of. In this case, he has to hang out with some other person to get his work done. Possibilities and situations are uncountable, so never think that of ignorance. Your friend is only your friend, but he has to get his work done and that's why he may be hanging out with someone else. Never judge the situation in your binoculars, always take the magnifying glass and try to understand the situation first. Just try to get what is going on with your friend, is the person his friend? Why were they hanging out then? Who is the mastermind behind it? What is the absolute reason behind it? etc. Just try to find the answers to such questions and then decide it as hanging out. Never have wrong decisions and wrong thinkings. Always go through the situation and just try to find the truth. And always remember that cheaters are known to cheat, friends can't cheat, they are only known to do friendships.

Still, if you want to know how to not be jealous of friends hanging out, then you can read the following effective tips:

How to not be jealous of friends hanging out?

1. Keep them in your mind: If you notice any of your friends out with someone else, and watch them having pizza and chilling in a restaurant. Then you should never discuss that with your friend. You may have jealousy thoughts and ideas, about your friend, not taking you out with them. But believe me, it will be best to never say your thoughts. Never try to think that, they have ignored you and they don't want to be friends with you anymore. Coz, the reality is something else, you have to find out. If you have your jealousy, then just keep it in your mind. It is advised to never speak them to your friends. Coz you don't know the truth and without knowing the truth, you can't get jealous of them. And can't think that they don't wanna be friends with you anymore. Until and unless you discover the truth, you are needed to keep everything in your mind only.

2. Change your vision: It will be well and good if you manage to change your vision towards your friends. Don't think that they have cheated on you, or they are just ignoring you. There might be some definite reason, they are not taking you out with them. There must be something that they are dealing with and taking you with them, will simply worsen it. So, always try to keep a positive vision towards your friend, never think of them as cheaters of those who ignore you. Just try to investigate the situation and try to find out the truth behind everything. Don't just build castles in the air and do some unlogical judgments. Be wise, be clever and just stay tuned with your friends as you used to be. Control your mind, your jealousy, and just stay friends forever. Never waste your positivity due to your friends and their hangouts.

3. Control your feelings: The best way to control your feelings is to simply delete the emotions.exe file from your brain. In other words, you are required to train your brain in such a way, that it becomes empty. Such that, it becomes completely neutral and can control your feelings. If you learn to control your feelings, you will never get jealous ever again in your life. You will always remain untouched and unaffected by your friends. You will never mind their hangouts or night outs. Everything will be smooth and fine, and everything will be under your control. You will become an emotionless person and will be able to continue your friendships even after you find your friends hanging out with someone else. Always be truthful to yourself and never let the feelings of jealousy trap you in the dark web of friendship destruction. Just stay positive and trust your friends all the time.

How to not be jealous of friends hanging out?

4. Keep a neat mind: Once you see your friends hanging out without you. You may get struck by feelings of jealousy and something like that. So, you are required to keep your mind neat and clean. Never let your assumptions decide your present or future. You are doing nothing, but only assuming that your friends are ignoring you or they are no more friends with you. So, in these situations, if you keep a neat mind, then you will obviously win the case. Your friend may be a people-loving person. He may want different friends, like one for sharing his songs, one for sharing his stories, one for hanging out, one for eating in the restaurant, etc. You may be also a part of that list, and when your turn comes, he may enjoy with you also. So, never think that of negatively, always be positive, and appreciate your friend's people-loving character. True friendship is always in positivity and freedom, so better, support it.

5. Discuss with your friend: It is a great way to clear all doubts and discuss the assumptions with your friend. Just mention your jealousy for the situation your friend was out with someone else. Try to make your friend understand all this in an indirect speech. Never use direct speech, or it will simply worsen the discussion. Try to make him understand your jealousy with examples and situations. And believe me, if your friend cares for you, he or she will also make his/her own examples and will try to clear your doubts. Discussion is a straightforward way to know the reasons for their hangouts and spending time together. Just be indirect and try to get the answers to your doubt, using your vocabulary and style of speaking. Try to mention the places and the situations they were spotted at, and make your speeches help him understand the feelings.

6. Be confident: If you find your friends without you in any mall or any bridge, just be confident to face it. Never engage your mind with jealous thoughts of your friends. If they are thinking or talking about you, or they don't care at all. Just throw your jealousy out of your mind and remain confident to face the situation. Your lack of self-confidence can only give you all that feelings of jealousy and insecurity. You will feel insecure and feel like not talking to your friends ever again. If you continue to lack confidence, then you may pick up a fight with them and your friends can get completely destroyed by it. You will have to face hatred, abusive language, and sadness after it. So, don't lack self-confidence and be confident regarding your friends and their friendship. A little lack of confidence can make your life hell and your doubtful assumptions may make you lose your best friends forever.

How to not be jealous of friends hanging out?

7. Construct yourself well: A person who depends on his friends, can't succeed in their lives. They must construct themselves to face any kind of situation. Real human beings already make decisions and then live their life. They have the plan to go through any kind of situation and face them without any worry. So, if you are well constructed and know how to deal with tough life situations, then you will never get jealous of your friend's hangouts. You will only become happy and will enjoy their hangouts without you. Nothing in this world is permanent, and your friend is also not permanent. You know, that there is none such as friend or peer. We all came alone to this world and will leave it alone. But to pass our life, we make friends. Keeping these things in mind, you can easily face their hangouts without you. Just enjoy whenever they are with you and just remember the above statement when they are not. 

Final words: Finally, I would suggest you go through all the above 7 tips and implement them in your life to never get jealous of your friends again. Read them carefully and understand their meanings to feel them and save your friendship from getting destroyed. Never assume negative thoughts and never make judgments without knowing the truth. You are not required to be jealous of your friend, coz he is your friend and not your bodyguard, that you want him 24/7 with you. Just give them freedom and stay a happy friendship, free of jealousy, insecurities, and negative thoughts.