How to keep a man you love? (With top effective tips & images)

How to keep a man you love

How to keep a man you love? You are a girl, lady, or a woman, and you want to keep the man of your dreams to live with you. It is the easiest thing to do if he is in love with you too if he likes you naturally and you are his dream girl also. Love is not artificial, neither it can be created artificially, love is always natural and we all should agree with it. You can't keep anyone in your life with artificial ways like forcing him or blackmailing him. Love is a natural thing and the lover is also built naturally. Love can't be created neither destroyed, it's a kind of energy that comes from the heart and is purely natural. 

But believe me, if the man is with you for a long time, and you wanna keep him much longer, then you can absolutely keep him with you. Women who lose their man of dreams are simply due to losing love for themselves. You are allowed to love your man, but not more than yourself. Once you become loving him more than yourself, he begins to lose interest in you. Remember that, you can't love anyone without loving yourself. You have to love yourself first to love anyone outside you. Once you develop a love for yourself, then the universe will send a lot of love signals to you and your dream man will also get engulfed in it. 

Here are some of the most effective tips to go through that will surely help you keep the man you love:

How to keep a man you love

1. Love yourself first: Love is not a normal emotion, it comes directly from the heart. And it's not like the normal emotions of anger and sadness. It is a special emotion designed universally for all living beings. You need to respect this emotion and you need to develop it within you. Once you begin to develop a love for yourself, your body, your mind, and your very existence. Then the whole universe will send you love signals and you will easily keep anyone with you, tied with the beautiful and powerful bond of love. Once you love yourself, then the guy of your dreams will also respect your gesture and will also begin to love you more than before.

2. Don't become used to him: If you act very normal and become used to your man, then he will simply get bored with you. Never let him think of you as an ordinary and boring lady. Try to remain with yourself, as much as you can. Develop your internal ego and just learn to remain alone. This will build your strength emotionally and mentally. You will become strong enough to never miss him again, and which in return will make your man miss you instead. You will become very special for him and it will ultimately develop love between him and you.

3. Never be always available: The things that are free, cheap, and always available never get care and love. They are thought of as trash, waste, and of no value. So, all you need to do is just increase your personal value and worth. You need to act rare, you need to act worthy and precious. Never remain available and free unless the situation is quite serious. Try to avoid normal situations and picking his call up. You need to develop an inner worth and become available only in important and rare situations. This will develop your man's interest and thirst for you.

4. Don't follow him blindly: If you go with him always and follow all of his preferences, then he will end up ignoring you. So, don't just blindly follow him with his choices and preferences. Try to put your own choices in, try to be the player, don't just agree with whatever he speaks and does. Bring your won opinions and just behave according to your choices and likes. It will also develop your personality, you will be thought of bold, different, and the real owner of respect. Whereas, if you chase him and just follow all his likes, you will end up facing ignorance and zero love conversations. 

How to keep a man you love

5. Don't be mad at him: Never become mad after him, you can also choose other things to do and pass your time. In fact, it is advised to have a good social life outside your relationship. Just spend time with your friends, socialize and go to new places and events with them. Never become mad after your boyfriend and don't ask him to always be with you. You need to be in an independent relationship and should remain independent. Don't just involve madly or blindly with him and your relationship.

6. Develop self-confidence: Self-confidence is always your friend, whether it's your personal life or your love life. You are required to develop self-confidence within yourself and just use it in front of him. Never stay over affirmative with him, this will make him lose interest in you. You are required to be self-confident with your behavior and gather enough confidence to say no, whenever you find it wrong. Never stick to that "yes" all the time. Say no, when you don't want it, and say yes, when you are willing to do it. It will build a reputation of yours and he will also begin to stay with it. 

7. Trust him more than yourself: This quality is very much needed for the guys who are innocent and are ready to stay with you. You are just required to trust him and his actions. This will help him develop love and care for you. He will think that he has won the trust of your's and which will develop love. Trust your man and let him do whatever he thinks. Since he is innocent and straight, he would love to do things with your permission. This will turn him into a loving, caring, and even more trusted partner.

8. Be honest: You may have heard that honesty is the best policy, and I also want to say that it is applicable in your relationship too. You are required to be honest to him, just do what you say, never split your personality and try to be completely original. If you behave honestly then your man will develop faith in you, which will ultimately help him to be with you. The world operates with honesty, and your relationship is also inside it. If you remain honest, then you will obviously win his heart and will get an honest side of him. 

9. Be worthful: You need to be the captain of your team, you need to be a player of words. Being the only woman in your man's life, you need to make him realize, that you are the only one and having you is full of benefits. You need to convince him, that you are the most worthful and most precious person in his life. It's none, but only you who can make his life like a paradise. Make him realize, that you are important to his life and you will do anything to keep him at the top. This will make your man trust you and love you, your entire life.

How to keep a man you love

10. Become his best friend: Friends are more than parents or your caretakers. It's not your parents or elders, but it your friends, whom you can tell anything. So, just try to become a good friend of him, show your friendly side as much as you can. Make yourself as a person, whom he can share thoughts, whom he can talk openly, and whom he can trust than anybody else. Developing friendly behavior will help you a lot to manage your relationship and to keep your man on track with you, forever!

Final words: Keeping a man of your dreams doesn't require any kind of tips. It's only for formality, the real way to keep your man with you is simply by loving him. If you truly love him from the bottom of your heart, you will obviously get love in return. No matter whatever you are up to, or how you look like, if your heart is honest, you will always get honesty from the universe. It's often said that, whatever you want with all your heart, the entire universe will help you to get it in all aspects. Just believe in yourself and love the man with all your honesty and truthfulness, the man will himself stay with you!