(Top 12 tips) How to get motivated when you have no energy? Answered

How to get motivated when you have no energy?

How to get motivated when you have no energy? Energy is the fuel required to run the engine of your body. You need to have the energy to work and get your tasks done. It is really very difficult and tough to work when you are out of your entire body's energy and you are simply exhausted. In such zero energy times, motivation and inspiration is the only thing we can use to again start working and get our tasks done. We need to work again keeping our initial reason in our mind. The reason we have started the work is the best motivation to be remembered while starting the work. It will give you the energy and will keep you going, no matter how exhausted you are. 

Apart from all the fancy motivation and inspiration, I just want to mention that, those who are winners, never excuses. If you want to really win, then exhaustion never comes in your way. Motivation is just an emotion and it's the initial push that inspires you to start your work. It will neither last nor will come once again. Motivation is a one-way pushing shuttle, that only pushes you at its initials. But the rest of the time, it's up to you and your dream, you have to keep going, no matter how exhausted you get. You have to control your low times and make it the best time to work even harder than your normal energy level. Never give up on your dreams and just keep working until your exhaustion feels like your keep going fuel.

Doing the mentioned will be the best thing, but if you are still hungry for motivation, just go through the following motivational tips that will obviously help you keep going:

How to get motivated when you have no energy?

1. Remember why have you started: If you are feeling exhausted and tired and you are not having any energy to continue working. Then the most effective way to start again is to remember the reason for your beginning. Just try to remember why have you started the work, have you started it to just leave it due to exhaustion? Have you started it only to show off people? or have you started it to make your dreams come true? Just go through the exact reason and it will surely give you that thrill and chill in your spine to start the work again. Exhaustion will become senseless at that moment.

2. Bring the, just do it feeling: Even if you are exhausted and extremely tired, even if you can't raise your head up from the table and even if you are having your eyes hazy, you need to develop the just do it feeling inside you. You need to just start doing the work without any other thought, coz it's human psychology, the thing we start working on, automatically catches our attention and gets synchronized with our working ability. We begin to work and just work, once we start doing the work. Automatically the body and the mind make themselves ready to do the work and keep doing it till its completion. Catch the rhythm and the rhythm will catch you in return. 

3. Recall some hurting incidents: It is often said that once you recall something hurting or painful in your brain, then you get different energy and push to again start working. You will again start to work and with a bit more energy and concentration. Coz now you are working with the fire of revenge, now you are working to get your revenge back and you will obviously do something extra. It is known as the real work when you work for your enemies and the one who has hurt you in the past. You become the alpha male and just keep your work going, even being exhausted.

4. Say to your friends that you gonna do it: Your friends will always push you to keep it going. You will always be forced to do the work and complete it. Friends may tease you, but their teasing is the only way to get your task completed. Once you public your plan, then everyone will support you and will not let you down. It is also a great method of motivation to remain motivated and get your work completed even in exhaustion and tiredness. Your friends will create situations that will make you do your work perfectly. And if you fail to complete your task, you will be roasted and will become a matter of fun. So, telling your plan about it is a great thing to do.

How to get motivated when you have no energy?

5. Stand up and warm-up: If you want to do yourself a favor and start working even if you are tired, then you need to just stand up and take a short walk in your room. It will give you a weird freshness and your tiredness will begin to vanish within no time. Your body parts will get a chill and you will feel comfortable with it. Consequently, you will again start to work and begin your work from the point you have left off. Warming up is a kind of motivation to your tired body and mind, coz once you catch the rhythm of walking, you become active. And once you become active, you start to work again on your incomplete tasks.

6. Change your spot: Your background and your working environment also greatly affects your motive to work. You may be not that tired or exhausted, but still, you are feeling it. It may highly depend on your room or your working background. So, try to switch rooms or places while you feel tired, exhausted, or like sleeping. Your working place and room play an important role in deciding your mood and energy towards your work and activities. You can easily charge up yourself by switching places, maybe it's to some open-air rooms or some gardens. You are always required to follow your passion and change your spot when getting tired.

7. Tune in to fitness music: Once you feel like sleeping and giving up, you can listen to some pumping up music. It will simply give you a thrill, an inner motivation, and the inner energy to start working. Fitness music plays an important role in bringing you the motivation and inspiration to work out. It may give you some extra energy to start your left of work and complete it without any fail. Pumping up music will normally pump up your inner strength and will indirectly motivate you to avoid tiredness and get back to work. Coz in general, this music comes with motivational lyrics and energy-giving tunes. So, if you are getting tired, then you need to listen to it for some inner motivation. 

8. Do psychic yoga: Once you are fed up with your busy routine and you feel exhausted and tired. You need to stand up immediately and just sit in a position of yoga. Just start doing psychic yoga and make your mind focus on your soul, doing it will simply flush off your body's tiredness and will provide you an inner fresh life. Psychic meditation will make your brain calm and your body active and which will ultimately help you start your left of tasks and finish it with fun. Motivation will automatically rise up, once you start to do your work, without any kind of disturbance and with full inner peace and dedication. So, do psychic yoga and just have a great working day ahead.

9. Call your friends: If you are feeling extremely tired or exhausted, then you can avoid it with some informal communication. The best thing will be to call your friends or your colleagues, or you can also walk to some of your co-workers. You will see that all your tiredness and weakness will begin to vanish, once you begin to share your thoughts with them. Your friends and your colleagues have magic in them, they will always give you a good time and will never let you down again. Talking with them about your experiences and your work, will surely make you feel better and also active. You will begin to catch the rhythm of them and will have a comfortable time focusing on your work again.

10. Go for a nap: If you are feeling extremely tired and feel like your bones are falling and you can't sit anymore. Then you must go for a power nap. Taking a little nap will always help you in restoring your energy and your strength. It will simply make you feel energetic and restored with your previous energy levels. You will get a new freshness and a new push to work further on your job and complete your left of tasks. Going for a power nap is simply the best thing to do, to overcome your weakness and tiredness. You can easily make your day the most productive after it.

11. Take some energy shakes: Drinking energy shakes is always a great option to restore your exhausted energy and recharge yourself with it. You will obviously get a new life and new energy to complete your left off work. Energy shakes are considered to be rich in protein and energetic nutrients. Believe me, if you take it during your time of exhaustion and zero energy, you will surely be benefited from an energy recharge with it. Drink it, and recharge yourself with energy and nutrients to have a great working day ahead.

How to get motivated when you have no energy?

12. Create a new schedule: If you are not able to focus on your work due to exhaustion and tiredness. Then you can take a break and then make a brand new schedule of your day-to-day works. It will give you new energy vibes and you will get a brand new enthusiasm to do your left of tasks again. Your new schedule will help you to replan your work, your energy, and also your concentration. Changing schedules can easily change your day and also your working style.

Final words: Motivation is just a lecture, that only gives you the initial push. It can't stay with you all the time, if you wanna win, then you have to keep working, no matter how exhausted you get. The winners never get tired, no matter how much they get tired or exhausted, they never give up working. And the fun fact is that their low times become their high performing times. Whenever they feel tired and low, they make their maximum effort to get their work done. So, it's completely on you, what you choose you become. However, winners have never learned the meaning of the words tiredness and exhaustion!