How to be happy without girlfriend? (Top 15 tips to follow)

How to be happy without girlfriend?

How to be happy without girlfriend? Boys do have girlfriends and that's so common in today's generation. But believe me, there is an entirely new world besides this girlfriend shit. You can do a million different things remaining out of these useless girls. You can work on yourself and make yourself updated and better than yesterday. You need not a girlfriend, but you need a newer you. Change is necessary and just bring it within you prior to wasting your time on those girls. You are a boy, and you have limitless things to do without your girlfriend. Having a girlfriend is never good, they are just a source of wastage and shit. You need to choose anything from the following listed ten tips to remain happy without your girlfriend!

How to be happy without girlfriend?

1. Focus on yourself: You need to focus on yourself and make your life better for the upcoming future. Just go a step ahead and plan your future including your studies, college life, higher studies, etc. Have a good time focusing on yourself and planning for the future. Just try to think about your goals, your routines, how you gonna start, how you gonna continue, most helpful persons of your field, daily timetables, how you gonna handle the difficult part and other useful things. This will help you remain busy and stay out of your girlfriend's thoughts.

2. Start working on your goals: If you don't have a girlfriend, it's okay, never mind! Just start work on your goals, make plans, and take steps to reach your final goals. Plan every day, work every day, and then finally achieve your goals. Do the needful, study, learn, visit, approach, do whatever is needed to reach your goals, and just rock on achieving them. Girlfriends are like ghosts, they will come and they will go, but your goals and your achievements will stay with you forever.

3. Join a gym: The best way to forget your dream girl is to just engage yourself in self-construction. Once you join a gym, you will begin to exercise and will go forward towards fitness. This will give you a lot of happiness, good feelings, and a great life. You will get to play with your dumbbells, treadmills, and other gymnasium equipment. Formatting your body to the right shape and the right size will obviously make you feel proud of yourself, and will obviously help you forget your girlfriend. 

4. Make some new friends: The best way to stay happy is to be with your friends. You will find a lot of happiness and enjoyment making some new friends and spending quality time with them. You need not think about your girlfriend all the time, and believe me, you do not even need to make one. You can easily gossip, discuss and even stay with your new friends and just enjoy your life all with them. Make some friends and never miss her again!

5. Read books and pass time: Reading books and related magazines will help you a lot in spending your time and making it quite enjoyable. It's often said that one who doesn't read books lives only one life, whereas, one who reads books gets to live several different lives. Reading books is always a great thing as it not only makes your time amazing, but it also helps you to increase your knowledge regarding the topic you are reading.

How to be happy without girlfriend?

6. Learn to stay alone: You know what, staying alone is itself a great thing to do. If you are alone all the time, you will begin to find enjoyment in staying alone. You will begin to explore yourself closely while living alone with yourself. Staying alone makes you stronger, brighter, and better than others, you begin to find your own strengths and weaknesses. You begin to enjoy your me-time and you don't get to bother about your girlfriend anymore. 

7. Do your hobbies: If you are feeling bored or lazy, you can charge yourself up doing your hobbies and passing quality time with them. You will spend a good time doing your hobbies and enjoying them. Grab some friends, walk into your car, and just travel places, or just play music on your guitar, do gardening, watch shows, movies or just spend your time traveling the world. Do whatever your hobby is, and just have a fun time without any girlfriend.

8. Enjoy your loneliness: Being alone may sound boring and frustrating, but believe me, staying alone is the best thing to do on this planet Earth. By staying alone you get to enjoy yourself with yourself, you begin to know yourself better and deeper. Just recall all the disadvantages of having a girlfriend, her tantrums, her taunts, her shopping bills, food bills, etc. are just a waste of your money and your time. Instead, you can stay alone, have fun, and can make yourself grow even better.

9. Update yourself: If you spend time on yourself and make yourself educated about current affairs and all the general knowledge, then you will surely make a good time doing that. Don't spend your precious time on your fat, ugly girlfriend, just stay positive and invest your time in updating yourself with all the current knowledge and stuff going around you, new technologies, new laws, new books, new slang, just update yourself to the day you are alive to.

How to be happy without girlfriend?

10. Get yourself gadgets: Spending time with your brand new gadgets and video games is the best way to forget your girlfriend and stay engaged and happy. You will get to meet your brand new gadgets, you will begin to know about all the technologies and you will get a heavenly feeling with all that. You will be able to engage yourself with virtual reality video gaming, which will give you real-life experiences and memories. And your gadgets will ease your daily life and will add smartness to your personality. 

11. Do social work and charity: Helping others makes you the happiest of all. You don't have a girlfriend! No problem, you get to do a lot more than having her. You can use your free time in helping the needy and poor by providing them money, food and clothes. It will be better if you join some NGO or charity to help the poor. You will not only enjoy your time doing this, but will also earn a lot of respect and blessings form the almighty. And which is much more good than having a girlfriend.

12. Visit different museums: Visiting museums and rolling your eyes over the antiques and stuff makes your mind really good. You get to spend quality time visiting those museums and going through their antiques, they arises the historian inside you and you become entertained. Relating the museum species to your old history book, makes you surprised and you become amazed with all that stuff. Visiting museums and historic places will simply keep you entertained and will save you from your boring girlfriend.

13. Develop your skills: Just go on a solo trip to your mind, and collect all the data regarding your skills. Just make a list of all them and make two columns, one that you know and the other you don't. Just spend more time on the skills you already know and make them even better, whereas go to the other column and try to learn all of them. This will make your time productive, you will learn new skills and will also learn your already known skills in a better way.

14. Go solo: Just go solo and do whatever you have always wanted to do as a kid. It may be travelling to a certain place, driving your own car, playing the guitar, making your favourite dish, cooking for your family, playing with your siblings, reading that book of your dreams, buying that childhood remote car or plane, etc. Just don't htink about having a shitty girlfriend, whereas, spend your time doing things that you have always wondered as a kid. 

How to be happy without girlfriend?

15. Join a art club: To bring out the artist inside you and to sharpen your artistic skills, you need to join a art club. Just go there regularly and draw your mind on the blank art paper. Give your thoughts a shape and just bring it on your paper. It will sharpen your drawing skills as well as help you become a better painter, artist and ultimately a personlaity. Your hand will become better with drawing paintings and filling colors in them. Joining an art club is always affordable and it will also save you from getting your time wasted from your girlfriend.

Final words: You can go through each of the above ten tips that are well and good to follow to stay happy without a girlfriend. You can live a great life, working on yourself and making yourself a better version of yourself. You need to stick to your goals, your ambitions, and your targets in your very life. You have an entirely new world outside your girlfriend and your love. Just try to love yourself first and then go for others!