60+ Inspiring quotes on environment to go through & get inspired!

Inspiring quotes on environment

Inspiring quotes on environment. The environment is everything that surrounds us, everything starting from a needle to gigantic ships, worms to whales, bacterias to we humans. Every tree and every plant are part of it, the sky, the clouds, the birds, and all the air are also a part of it. It's often said that the environment takes shape as per its residents. So, we are responsible for our own environment, we are responsible for everything good and bad in it. The environment should be kept clean and green to improve our living conditions with fresh air and fresh breath. To get inspired to keep the environment clean and safe, you need to go through the following inspiring quotes on environment.

Inspiring quotes on environment

1. "We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment."  Margaret Mead

2. 'Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect." — Mohith Agadi

3. "We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment." — Dennis Weaver

4. "A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people."  Franklin D. Roosevelt

5. "What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?" ― Henry David Thoreau

6. "Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all." — Ban Ki-moon

7. "If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos."  E. O. Wilson

8. "What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another." ― Chris Maser

9. "Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!" — Leonardo DiCaprio

10. "To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed." ― Theodore Roosevelt

11. "Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans." — Evo Morales

Inspiring quotes on environment

12. "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed." — Mahatma Gandhi

13. "It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment." ― Ansel Adams

14. "The most important thing about global warming is this. Whether humans are responsible for the bulk of climate change is going to be left to the scientists, but it’s all of our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future generations than we found it." — Mike Huckabee

15. "The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved." — Richard Rogers

16. “I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” — Mother Teresa

17. “The Earth is what we all have in common.” — Wendell Berry

18. “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” — George Bernard Shaw

19. “Time spent among trees is never time wasted.” — Anonymous

Inspiring quotes on environment

20. “He that plants trees loves others besides himself.” — Thomas Fuller

21. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

22. "One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” — Leo Tolstoy

23. “The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” — Lady Bird Johnson

24. “The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.” — John Paul II

25. "Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” — John Ruskin

26. "Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.” — Jimmy Carter

27. “Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.” — George Washington Carver 

28. “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” — Jane Goodall

29. “The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” — Gaylord Nelson

Inspiring quotes on environment

30. “What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on.” — Henry David Thoreau

31. “Environmentally friendly cars will soon cease to be an option … they will become a necessity.” — Fujio Cho

32. “To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” — Helen Keller

33. “The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” — Ernest Hemingway

34. “The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.” — Barry Commoner

35. “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” — Barbara Ward

36. “The single biggest threat to our planet is the destruction of habitat and along the way loss of precious wildlife. We need to reach a balance where people, habitat, and wildlife can co-exist – if we don’t everyone loses … one day.” — Steve Irwin

37. “Deforestation is changing our climate, harming people and the natural world. We must, and can, reverse this trend.” — Jane Goodall

38. “Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” —Stewart Udall

39.  “[The movement to address climate change is] about something deeper than [justice], it’s about solidarity. Human solidarity.” — Bill McKibben

40. “It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” — Dalai Lama

41. “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” — Albert Einstein

42. “If you are fearful of the destruction of the environment, then learn to quit being an environmental parasite.” — Wendell Berry

43. “You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people, you inform them, and you help them understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them.” —Wangari Maathai

44. “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another … ” — Mahatma Gandhi

45. “It’s the little things that citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees.” — Wangari Maathai

46. “Every time you buy organic you are persuading more farmers to grow organic.”

47. “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

48. “The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves.” — Wangari Maathai

Inspiring quotes on environment

49. “To damage the earth is to damage your children.” — Wendell Berry

50. “Every day I supply oxygen for up to 4 people. Don’t you think I’m worth saving?” — A tree

51. “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” — Dr. Seuss

52. “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

53. "We shall never understand the natural environment until we see it as a living organism. Today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see and nobody calls the cops." — Paul Brooks

54. "There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use." — Mother Teresa

55. "Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble." — Roger Tory Peterson

56. "There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all." — Robert Orben

57. "We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings." — Albert Einstein

58. "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." — Aristotle

59. “A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself." — Franklin D Roosevelt

60. “Take a course in good water and air, and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you." — John Muir