Buddhist quotes on aging for all who hates aging & getting old!

Buddhist quotes on aging

Buddhist quotes on aging. Aging is a natural process and it's valid for all the living beings that are found on this planet earth. The thing that is born will obviously and undoubtedly undergo aging. One who is born on this planet will surely die one day. And going through the journey of birth to death, one has to pass through a stage known as aging. We all are humans and we all will face this during the very last days of our life. We all will grow old once and ultimately die to leave this planet. To know what Gautam Buddha has said about aging, just go through the following sorted Buddhist quotes on aging.

1. "All of you knowing now, Tthat the Buddhas, the Teachers of the Ages, In accord with what is peculiarly appropriate, have recourse to expedient devices, Need have no more doubts or uncertainties. Your hearts shall give rise to great joy, Since you know that you yourselves Shall become Buddhas."  Gautama Buddha

Meaning: Lord Buddha addresses all the fellow people who are true practitioners of Buddhism are regarded as the real teachers, the teachers who have been teachers for ages and centuries. For whom, the world is not a big deal, coz they are themselves the ultimate solutions to every single problem here. He asks all of us to open our hearts and enjoy the life that we are given, and doing this will ultimately make us another Buddha.

Buddhist quotes on aging

2. "An ignorant man ages like an ox. His flesh may increase, but not his understanding."  Gautama Buddha

Meaning: Gautam Buddha is saying that those people who don't have enough knowledge or who are uneducated, always ages faster. Actually, their lack of knowledge and lack of thinking ability becomes their major reason for personal degradation. They may act cunning or smart but actually, they are just fooling none, but only themselves.

3. "For those struggling in midstream, in great fear of the flood, of growing old and of dying for all those I say, an island exists where there is no place for impediments, no place for clinging: the island of no going beyond. I call it nirvana, the complete destruction of old age and dying." — Gautama Buddha

Buddhist quotes on aging

4. "I call it nirvana, the complete destruction of old age and dying." — Gautama Buddha

Meaning: Gautam Buddha calls the place of no hindrance, no obstacle, or no emotional attention as Nirvana, an imaginary island for those who fear the sea of old age and dying!

5. "Why since I am myself subject to birth, ageing, disease, death, sorrows and defilement, do I seek after what is also subject to these things? Suppose, being myself subject these things, seeking danger in them, I were to seek the unborn, unageing, und."  Gautama Buddha

Buddhist quotes on aging

6. "For all mortals, birth is suffering, ageing is suffering, sickness is suffering."  Gautama Buddha

Meaning: Gautam Buddha addresses all the three stages of life as suffering. Starting from birth, to growing and getting aged. Apart whenever the body gets ill, then also it's a great suffering.