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100+ Happy married life wishes to friend (With images)

Happy married life wishes to friend

Happy married life wishes to friend. Marriage is one of the most vital occasions of one's life. We all go through this occasion once in our lifetime. Whether being a bride or being a groom, we all have to experience this occasion once we grow to an adult. Now, our life is completely different, now we live a life as a married being, we enter our lovely married life. The life which is full of discoveries and fun, the life that makes us more responsible and more aware. Married life is the most difficult life in my sarcasm, and it will be greatly discovered by your friends. Your friends are the only person to spread fun and make our married life more highlighted. However, it's only them, to wish you a married life at the very beginning and even at the very end. If you are near to a married couple and one of them is your friend, then you must wish them a happy married life. To add some fun, excitement and cuteness to their life. Wishing someone actually helps them to realize their current status. It's nothing but the wishes that make them happy and so-called discovered. You may choose from the following happy married life wishes to friend to wish your friend a happy married life.

1. Happy married life friend, stay happy and excited!

2. Wishing you a lot of fun, excitement and happiness this married life. Stay happy and enjoy your married life.

3. Happy married life my dear friend. I'm happy to see you with your partner!

4. May god shower all the happiness, joy and blessings on you and your partner. Happy married life, dear friend!

5. It's literally a happy day for you and me coz, it's the day you were married and I saw you being married!

6. Wish you a lot of positivity, happiness, joy, and love in your marriage. Stay blessed and stay cool all your married life!

7. OMG! God has reached you all the way from heaven to gift you a lovely married life. Happy married life, friend!

8. Wish you a lot of happiness and surprises in your married life. Stay happy and keep receiving surprises.

9. Happy married life friend, live long, happy and a life full of love and care!

10. May God keeps you safe and sound during your married life. Coz handling a married life is not that easy!

Happy married life wishes to friend are great, aren't they?

11. Happy married life, friend! Hope you are not getting bored being inside the prison!

12. May all your dreams and all your expectations turn true, being with your married life partner! Happy married life friend!

13. Hey friend, I'm literally surprised to hear your surprising news of marriage today! Stay happy and blessed throughout your married life!

14. A lot of congratulations on your happy occasion of marriage. May God keep you happy and fulfil all your dreams with your partner!

15. Wish you a lot of beauty and warmth on the happy occasion of your marriage. You are going to step into a new life, so, stay happy being married!

16. Wish you a happy married life ahead! The way your marriage has made me happy can't be done by anything else!

17. I'm literally having a waterfall of happiness and I'm the happiest for you two! May God keep you happy and give you luxury!

18. I am the happiest person to watch you being married. Happy, married life friend, I'm happy to see you being double!

19. Your marriage and your partner, both are real inspirations to others. So, stay happy and stay well throughout your married life!

happy married life wishes to best friend
Happy married life wishes to best friend

20. Your love and your relationship, both are inspiring to those who have never tied a knot before. So, stay happy and stay an inspiration forever!

Happy married life wishes to friend are great, aren't they?

21. True love is what I'm watching today! You have literally proved it in front of all! Happy married life, stay blessed!

22. Finally you have tied the knot, and it was really amazing for your best friend to stand by your side! Happy married life friend, stay blessed!

23. The love you have for each other is literally pure and unending. May God bless you and may your love stay forever!

24. I have become a great fan of myself, coz it's me, that have helped you take a big decision in your life. Stay happy and just raise a toast to this wonderful decision!

25. A basket full of congratulations and a truck full of blessings are waiting for you! Just come to me and take it for years!

26. May your married life create history and set an example for all others! Happy married life, stay shining forever!

27. Congrats on marrying an awesome looking partner. May God make your life as beautiful as a partner!

28. A very warm welcome and a lot of blessings on your married life. May God make all your life shine like a diamond!

29. Your marriage story simply left no stone unturned. May God keep showering your love through your life partner!

30. I'm a bit jealous about you being so perfect. The way you are perfect have a great effect on choosing your partner! Happy married life, friend!

Happy married life wishes to friend are great, aren't they?

31. It's literally unbelievable to see you blessed with such a lovely life partner! May God make your married life lovely too!

32. It's my pleasure and my honour to have a friend like you! The person you are married to is literally a matter of pride to all of us! Happy married life friend!

33. It's literally my best point of life, I'm watching you being married. Hope you act great being a slave now! Congratulations, my dear friend!

34. Wish you strength and muscle to work all day being a husband! Happy married life, my dear friend!

35. May god give you a lot of energy and strength to handle your husband throughout your married life! Happy married life, my friend!

36. I think friendship is better than married life! But it's all about your choice, So, happy married life, friend!

37. You will literally have a great married life ahead if you are reading this message with your own eyes! 

38. Congratulations on winning the heart of your partner and making it to the marriage. Happy married life, friend!

39. Love is the only solution to all your problems, you are going to face in your married life. So, remain prepared and act wisely!

married life wishes to  friend
Married life wishes to friend

40. Marrying the one who is the one for you, is simply the happiest thing that can happen on this planet! So, best of luck friend, wish you a great married life ahead!

Happy married life wishes to friend are great, aren't they?

41. I think it's all about love and care a whole married life is comprised of! So, better prove it!

42. Happy married life to the most amazing couple got created from scratch! Stay happy and stay blessed forever!

43. Wishing you a lot of roses and a lot of warmth this married life. Happy married life, stay happy and keep happy your partner!

44. It's literally a fact, that no adventure can be more fun and exciting than the adventure of married life. Happy married life friend!

45. Don't get angry at your partner's opinions, think them of a complement and proceed ahead! Happy married life, friend!

46. Wishing you lots of good luck and energy to face slavery in the married life. Best of luck and congratulations on having one!

47. The sweetest journey of life starts after getting married. So, better enjoy it and preserve it as memories!

48. A lot many warm wishes and blessings for your beautiful partner to participate in your beautiful married life! Happy married life, friend!

49. May God bless you and may your love last for the longest of time. Wish you a very very happy and lovely married life!

50. The way hope to get shaped to a promise literally amazed me a lot! Happy married life my friend, hope your all hopes come true!

51. Unity is strength, both in normal life as well as in married life. So, stay united and keep loving each other! I am literally happy for both of you!

52. Happy married life friend, you mean a lot to me, but your marriage means everything to me! Thank god you have no freedom now!

53. Wish you the best of luck for entering a life of slavery, arguments and noise! May God help you to handle all of them along with my funny sarcasm!

54. Congrats friend, you are stepping into the ultimate level of your life! Happy married life!

55. Happy married life to the one who has always helped me and been my best friend! May God give you the best experiences throughout your married life!

56. Happiness will be doubled when you will become four from two! Happy married life, friend!

57. May your married life becomes the happiest part of your life after childhood! Stay happy and stay charged!

58. True love is always true, and you two are the living examples of that. Happy married life friend, love ya!

59. A mouth full of smile and happiness to the to-be-weds! I have no words to express the happiness I have for you two! 

60. Happy married life, but please don't do the "The End" of our friendship!

married life wishes for friend
Married life wishes for friend

61. Make sure to decorate your diary of married life with a lot of sweet memories and a lot of funny incidents, so that your kids would enjoy your story!

62. The life role of being a husband or a wife are both difficult. It requires dedication and patience to play the best of them! Happy married life friend and please note my words!

63. Special pairs are like you two, and believe me it really feels special to be connected with you!

64. Wish your partner a great married life, filled with love, happiness and positivity from my side! 

65. Let all the bad things die today. Coz it's time to welcome the best phase of your life today! May you get a lot of happiness this married life!

66. You have literally done a great job tying the knot on your marriage! I'm a big fan of your style and fashion!

67. The day you have married your love have confirmed to me that you will literally have a great and loved married life ahead!

68. Happy married life to one in a million friend of mine. May God give you a smiling, laughing and funny married life!

69. Your choice is too good, both for your married life as well as for your friend! You love your partner and I love her recipes!

70. It's literally worth getting slapped once for never getting a slap for the rest of your life! Happy married life friend, your face still shows it!

71. You are literally the luckiest friend of mine to have a partner like this! I am a bit jealous but happier for ya!

72. You have literally done a great job, listening to your heart prior to listening to your brain. And your married life is the biggest proof of it!

73. Always love the lover and if possible proceed to marriage! Happy married life friend, you are doing it well!

74. The way you two hold hands and stare at each other, literally left me stunned! May God keep this bond strong and healthy forever!

75. Happy married life for the tear giving lovers of my life! I am literally the biggest fan of your love story! 

76. Apart from marrying your partner you have also married a lot of hugs, kisses, love and happiness. Happy married life friend, love ya!

77. Wish you a lot of cakes and chocolates this wedding ceremony. May God keep showering sweetness to your sweet relationship!

78. You have grown up to an adult and it's time to celebrate the biggest prize of your adulthood, friend! Happy married life, stay the winner always!

79. Who knew that one-sided love can also win? It's literally a matter of joy to see you win! Happy married life, my dear friend!

marriage wishes to a friend
Marriage wishes to a friend

80. You are so clever to hide your partner from me, so long! Hope you live long and live a great life ahead!

81. Congratulations friend on becoming a part of this amazing and life long bonding! Happy married life friend!

82. I've assumed you to be the luckiest person ever! And look, my assumption was accurate! Live long with such a lucky married life, dear friend!

83. Happy married life friend, may God fill your life with a lot of candies and chocolates such that you never remain out of sweetness!

84. Thank god, you got your partner to show your excitement to! It's god's grace that has kept me saved!

85. It's really feeling free and good to have no responsibility towards you! You are married and now you have your partner to disturb!

86. Your wallet has already proven your true love, and now it's going to take shape in real life! Hope you have a great married life ahead!

87. Don't hesitate to open yourself in front of your sweetheart. Coz you are already married and not in a relationship anymore!

88. Happy married life to the most friendly friend of mine! Live a life full of strawberries, mangoes, oranges and grapes!

89. A lot of good wishes and messages to my dear friend. May God bless you to live a life full of love and greatness. Happy married life, friend!

90. A perfect wish to the perfect friend to have a perfect married life ahead! Congratulations on choosing the perfect partner for yourself!

91. No relationship in this world can be as sweet as yours! Happy married life friend, hope you are having a great life together!

92. Neither beaches nor pools, nothing can be more fascinating than living a married life like yours!

93. Happy married life friend, with you a lot of stars and diamonds! Just keep shining like them always!

94. You literally deserve this kind of love and you are getting it via your partner! I am happy for you!

95. May every partner say "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me" to his/her partner! Happy married life friend, keep saying it!

96. Let the birds build their nest and the ants collect their food! But you, my friend, is meant to enjoy your married life! Happy married life, by the way!

97. Your love story reminds me of Romeo's and Juliet's! May God fill your married life with unending love for each other!

98. You may be the lion of your jungle but your heart is controlled by someone else! So, have a happy married life and keep the control safe!

99. Pairs are never made on earth, they are made in heaven! Happy married life friend, may God give you a lot of warmth!

wedding wishes for a friend
Wedding wishes for a friend

100. Married life is the best life for lovers and the worst for pretenders. So, learn to love and have it best!

101. Bad liars can't hide their love or pretend that they don't love! So, friend, you're all caught and hope you are not proving it again, at least this married life!

102. Wish you a lot of beauty and charm to living with, all your life! Sorry, married life!

103. It's a great scene to see you walking with someone! Love you and wish you a great walk in the field of life! Happy married life!

104. Loving someone is easy, but living a married life is not! So, wish you the best of luck in your married life, friend!