PDF full form in English|| History,contents,pros,cons and differences!!

PDF full form in English

PDF full form in English: Portable Document Format.

According to software engineers, PDF is a file format. That store's editable or uneditable files. They may be either in the form of text or images. This file format was developed by Adobe in the 1990s. These document formats are platform-independent. That is they can be easily used in any kind of platform. The only requirement is their ability to access them. PDFs may contain anything among text, images, vectors, fonts, infographics etc. They are easily compressible. And can capture an unlimited amount of textual and visual content. They are usually found with the .pdf extension. Attached immediately after the file name. Moreover, they support every kind of sharing methods.

According to Wikipedia, PDF was developed in the late nineteenth century. By the well known Adobe company. This file format was a rivalry of DjVu, Envoy, Postscript etc. file formats. Impressed by its ease of use and storing abilities. Adobe made a huge name and fame. Satisfied by the response, Adobe made (.pdf) extension completely free in 1993 only. However, earlier it was only a proprietary format. Until Adobe released it under the license of the open standard by ISO. However, knowing PDF full form in English is worth it.


Coming to the contents, a PDF file can contain a number of things in it. Starting from vectors, graphics, text, and sometimes bitmap graphics also. However, talking about the content specifically it may contain anything as follows:

  • Text captured as content streams. They are text but are neither plain nor readable.
  • Vector graphics in the form of designs and illustrations. They are mostly formations made with lines and figures.
  • Raster graphics for images or computer-generated photographs.
  • May also contain multimedia stuff in them.
  • Links, pointing to some other page. Mostly embedded in HTML or javascript text codes.
  • U3D is a tool that can be used, to insert some three-dimensional image or picture in them.

Moreover, it should be noted that PDFs looking alike may vary in size. In the same vein, as a high resolution, HD graphic may acquire more space. Then a low graphic image will. Moreover, inserting full font text may even result in overall increment of the file size. However, knowing PDF full form in English is worth it.


A normal PDF file contains some lines of code. In other words, a pdf file runs on a fixed script. So, to access any pdf file, the compiler is required to compile the script. PDF is a popular file format. Accessing the content of a pdf file is made completely free. Adobe took this decision of making its pdf royalty-free. Once it became the popular file accessing extension.

Coming to its technical contents. The normal PDF file contains the below technologies in it:

1. In order to generate the layout and graphics. That is, the way a pdf file format will look. Programmers took the help of Postscript. Postscript is a programming language used to design looks of a file.

2. A font embedder, that allows the user to insert text in different fonts. However, PDFs support almost every Asiatic languages in them. This part helps the user to decorate his file in the most required way.

3. A data compressor used to capsulate the final pages in a file. This helps the pdf to store data in the form of text, graphics, vectors or images. Moreover, this compressor also helps, to use big files also. Contributes a lot in saving disk space.


  • Postscript is a programming language. And it is mostly used to generate starter source codes. However, PDF is software. That contains the compiled version of the source code. These wares are more convenient to use. It's access to modify, add and edit the final page details. Makes them so.
  • Every graphic stuff looks real once they are transparent. PDF supports graphic transparency. Whereas postscript doesn't.
  • The programming style of a postscript makes the pages interlinked. In other words, modifying or editing a page in postscript. May greatly affect the rest of the pages unknowingly. However, PDF is away better than it. None of the pages is affected by editing any page inside.
  • PDFs provide instant and smooth controls. However, postscript can never do the same. In a postscript, a user is required to scroll over each and every page. Prior to going to the end page. However, in a PDF file, the user can directly reach there.


  • DOC is a Microsoft product whereas, PDF was made by Adobe Systems.
  • Microsoft Word (or MS Word) is utilized to edit and modify DOC files. Whereas, Adobe's Adobe Acrobat is used for editing PDF files.
  • Making document files with MS Word can be saved in PDF formats. In the same vein, they can also be edited by MS Word. But, documents files created with Acrobat. Requires third-party developers to further edit or modify the files.
  • PDF is an open-source file format. Whereas, DOC is a proprietary file format. PDF is free to use, but DOC isn't. DOC's basic features come free, but advanced features are available in premium ones.
  • PDFs are known to deliver accurate content. Whereas, DOCs are known to deliver something distorted. PDFs are used for their accurate, neat and clean content delivery systems.


  • A space saver. PDF files occupy a very little of your disk's space. This quality of it. Make it convenient to use and share. The various compressing methods inside it, helps it to do so. Everything from image to graphics, PDFs can compress them all.
  • PDF files have a great friendship with originality. Files build in such a format. Helps users to secure them by either putting a watermark or signature on them. This makes them secured and easy to differentiate from the rest.
  • PDF provides better viewing options. These file formats can be opened on any device. Irrespective of the operating system it's running on. Being an Adobe product, PDFs are platform-independent and are free to use.


Editing is tough and not so user friendly. Every page in a PDF file gets saved as an image. They can't be edited immediately. Moreover, we require special programs to edit them. For instance, the image could be converted to text by an OCR. And then could be proceeded with the editing process.


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