Full form of ASR|| History, types, working principles, applications!!

Full form of ASR

Full form of ASR: Automated Speech Recognition.

Automated speech recognition or ASR is a system that is able to detect and translate voice to text. This is a user friendly technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify words. And then converts them to meaningful sentences. ASR is a great example of the advancement of science and technology. It works on the applications of Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Moreover, the entire technology of ASR demands a good skillset and deep knowledge in the field of computer sciences. It is one of the best inventions, humans have ever worked on. Moreover, modern ASRs have went a step ahead. Apart from understanding your voice. They are also capable of understanding the slangs and local language.

Coming to its history, ASRs is an outcome of very ancient times. In other words, humans have attempted to make it from their beginning of life on earth. But results gained importance not sooner than the 20th century. After inventing and testing several different recognizers, the humans literally ended on the ASR. However, the first artificial recognizer was a digit recognizer. However, it understands the digits from the input voice only. It was, however, the first artificial recognizer made by man. Then the work shifted to a shoebox, Markov's recognizer, Whither's recognizer, and several other's inventions. But it was in 2010 when the first independent ASR was invented. However, knowing the full form of ASR is worth it.


The automated speech recognizer comes with two main types. The categorization is done on the type of voice recognition. Just have a look at them:

1. Direct dialogue conversation: The first type of recognizer works directly. As the name suggests, this system takes your voice directly into extracting words from it. But it is one drawback is that, you have to choose the words. All it does is recognizes your voice from the input device (like a microphone) and then processes it. Once, processing is done, it provides a drop-down menu. Moreover, the user is required to choose the correct word from them. Once, words are selected one by one. The software ends up, providing complete meaningful sentences. Automated telephone banking uses this system the most. However, only to deal with their financial transactions and customer care.

2. Natural language conversation: The second type of recognizer works naturally. As the name suggests, this system takes input as your natural voice. You are free to use your daily language in it. Everything from local words to slangs. Natural language conversation understands it all. The system comes with a much-advanced software. That already contains a storehouse of such words. Moreover, the AI installed in it, is capable of understanding your local language. Everything from the sounds to slangs. Moreover, it doesn't provide any drop-down to choose from. It works independently and displays the most appropriate sentences as output. However, knowing the full form of ASR is worth it.


Above all, the automated speech recognition system works on a sequence of steps. The working principle involves a set of procedures, working sequentially. Just read about them:

1. ASR starts working by getting voice input from a microphone or similar device. All you need to do is to simply switch on the computer and the microphone. Once they are switched on. Just speak in the sound gatherer, and send voice signals to the computer.

2. Once the computer starts receiving voice signals. The ASR starts to process the voice signals and converts it to a (.wav) file. Moreover, the audio file contains the recording of your voice along with the unwanted surrounding noise.

3. In the next step, the ASR processes the .wav file. This file contains your voice along with the surrounding noise. Moreover, the system simply normalizes the .wav file. And proceeds by cancelling the surrounding noise. And filters out your voice artificially.

4. In the very next step, the ASR divides the entire.wav file into small phonemes. These are small parts of the voice being recorded. Breaking the entire.wav file into smaller phonemes. Makes the work easier and convenient for the system. Thereby helping it to extract words form them as quick as possible.

5. Now, comes the final part. Finally, the ASR system responds by processing the smaller phonemes. It converts them into readable words. And the user is required to choose from the suggestions. Moreover, the AI used in them are greatly productive and uses probability analysis. And the best match is finalised to be given as the output.


1. Working sites- ASR is greatly used in working sites for the following tasks:

  • Discovering files present in computers automatically.
  • Plotting different types of graphs only with the data as input.
  • Automated speaking out of documents, reports, emails, and important notices.
  • Printing stuff out of the printer with a single utter of voice.
  • Starting and presenting video and audio meeting virtually over the internet.
  • Making official travel and tour schedules automatically.

2. Banks and financial centres- ASR is used here for a number of reasons, listed below:

  • Receiving bank account details on request. Everything from the account number, balance, and related stuff.
  • Make and receive automated payments via your account number.
  • Banks can send automated money once requested. ASR is a great system to handle thousands of clients automatically.

3. Health centres- ASR has a handful of application in healthcare, some of them are as follows:

  • Finding information automatically from previous records.
  • Assistants/Nurses could be greatly contacted via the use of these systems.
  • Automated reports of available people and workers on a floor or apartment could also be known.
  • Dealing with people queries regarding diseases and medicines have become easier.

4. Domestic use- A lot of people uses ASRs in their home, for the following reasons:

  • It becomes easier to control the home appliances with voice only.
  • Any general doubts could be cleared by doing a voice search. Gadgets like Siri, Alexa and a ton of others are available for similar purposes.
  • Could be used extensively in garages and opening and closing of building gates.


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