Full form of VISA card|| History, types, specific VISAs and VISA v/s passports!!

Full form of VISA card

Full form of VISA card: Charta visa, lit in Latin.

Above all, VISA resembles a Latin full form of charta visa, lit in Latin. However, its English meaning is "document that has been seen/checked". VISA is a kind of paper-permit. That either allows a foreigner to enter a country, live within or to leave it legitly. Sometimes, VISA may be free and sometimes they may be paid. However, the world's tier-one countries always demand a paid one. VISA has certain restrictions for the owner. Moreover, it may restrict him/her to the time of stay, date of stay/leave, facilities inside the country. Along with, restricted visits to certain areas only. However, some VISAs are required to be renewed periodically, whereas others are not. They are even known to give allowance to foreign jobs for job seekers.

Coming to its history, VISA originated from the Europe continent. However, western Europe never demands anything like this. In other words, the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Never demanded VISAs or passports from their foreigners. Since, at that time, people used to travel by train only. And checking such a huge group of people for their VISAs. Within such a short time was nearly impossible. However, to be very specific, it was after World war one. When VISAs and passports became the necessary entry document. However, in the present date, VISA became secondary. And passport the primary travel document. However, knowing the full form of VISA card is worth it.


There are several types of VISA available in the market. However, they exist according to several categories. That is fixed by, different countries and places of the world. Some of the most popular VISA types are listed below:

1. Tourist visa: Mostly, tourists use this kind of visas. Those who want to visit a country, for fun. Mostly, in the form of sightseeing, photography, attending functions or meeting relatives/friends. Moreover, doing any official and crucial stuff, under this visa. Will be strictly noted and is a punishable offence.

2. Student visa: Student visas are issued to students only. Those who are required to stay in the country. Only for completion of their educational degree. However, most of them are given to undergrads coming for the completion of their post-graduation.

3. Employment visa: Likewise, employment visa's are meant for job seekers. Those who want to do a job in the country, either a full time or a part-time one. It is, however, the costliest visa known. As people have to renew it. On a monthly or yearly basis in terms of the country's currency.


4. Business visa: Likewise, student and employment visas. Business visa is again used by business owners. Those who want to start their business in the country. Requires a business visa prior to everything.

5. Medical visa: Those visas are issued to patients. That wants immediate treatment or checkup in the country. It is, however, given on the basis of a patient's condition. However, knowing the full form of VISA card is worth it.

6. Emergency visa: Those visas are given on emergency conditions. The emergency may be of any kind (illness, accident, death, event, marriage etc). Once, the person wants to visit the country. He/she needs a legit emergency visa for that.

7. An electronic visa (e-visa): These visas are made with the help of your passport only. Everything from your name, age, address, pin to your email gets transferred to the visa card electronically. However, this entire process leaves a receipt behind. And this receipt acts as your visa, rather than that classic laminated piece of paper.

8. Transit visa: While travelling across countries. People may have to cross countries to reach their destination. In order to enter the country coming in their path, they require these transit visas. These visas are for short term stay. People travelling across countries require this to stay either for a day, a week or some hours.

9. Immigration visa: Above all, immigrants use these kinds of visas. People who are willing or are forced to stay in a country. That is not their native one. In order to get full-fledged services of the country. They have to issue their immigration visa prior to everything else.


Apart from the above-mentioned types. There are various types of area-specific VISAs. That exists independently with their name only. Check the below list, for the same:

1. Schengen visa: Schengen area issues this visa. Geographically, this area comprises of the European economic area along with other territories. Allowing to stay for a max of ninety days. This area-specific visa is for fair use only.

2. East African Single tourist visa: This type of single visa allows people to roam freely. In all the five-member countries of the East African Community (EAC). That includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Getting a visa from anyone embassy will be treated valid in the rest.

3. CARICOM visa: A single CARICOM visa allows people to visit within ten countries altogether. Like the EAC community, the CARICOM is also a community. That allows visitors to visit within its ten member countries. The members of the CARICOM are as follows:

  • Antigua and Barbuda,
  • Barbados,
  • Dominica,
  • Grenada,
  • Guyana,
  • Jamaica,
  • St. Kitts & Nevis,
  • St. Lucia,
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines and
  • Trinidad & Tobago.


1. A VISA is used as a permit when a person leaves his country and enter others. Whereas, a passport is a document, that contains a person's bio-data. Passports are used to guarantee one's identity after returning from foreign trips.

2. A VISA remains valid for some time only. They either work on a person's location of visitor duration of the visit. With the expiration of its indicated data, the VISA becomes invalid. Whereas, passports are valid for a person's lifetime, from the date of its creation.

3. An e-visa could be made from the details of a passport. But the vice-versa is not true. Passports are independent documents having relations with a person's life. They can be used but can't be modified unnecessarily.


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