Full form of UNESCO in English|| History,work,domains and its products!!

Full form of UNESCO in English

Full form of UNESCO in English: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

As the name suggests, UNESCO is an organisation, running under the command of the United Nations. This organisation was built in the year of 1946. With its prime objective to promote peace and security, through connections. It can be called as a subsidiary organisation of the UN. As both of them works for peace and prosperity of the globe. However, UNESCO also works on various other factors. It is a sincere organisation, that helps people all over the globe. To promote education, knowledge, good culture and to provide a helping hand. It also aims to eradicate poverty in various parts of the globe. Directly by raising funds and running NGOs. Moreover, it is completely controlled by its own Director general and is headquartered in Paris, France.

According to thoughtco.com, UNESCO was established along with its official constitution. Factually, there were a total of forty-four member countries of this organisation. However, these countries were focused on promoting peace and a similar culture globally. With their fair decision of launching this organisation. UNESCO has done a lot in its field of helping mankind. Completely by its kind and supportive behaviour. Due to its helpful work and practices. Moreover, it gained more and more members in the future. However, knowing the full form of UNESCO in English is worth it.

Presently, UNESCO is a very popular organisation. That works with a total of 193 members.


Above all, the Paris based organisation works for the well being of mankind. To be very precise, it tries to build a culture of peace and prosperity. In order, to work globally. It has divided its work to several little societies. However, these societies travels around the world. Promoting and encouraging cultural and educational events.

Coming to its domains, UNESCO mainly operates on the following five domains:

1. Education
2. Natural Science
3.Social and human science
4. Culture and
5. Communication & information.

To focus on its domains successfully. The organisation plans several different projects and gradually works on them. Moreover, these projects are mainly to literate people, educate them about technology, press, literature, science etc. UNESCO serves as a great translator while translating world literature to people globally. However, knowing the full form of UNESCO in English is worth it.


1. Education: UNESCO has a major focus on promoting education. This organisation keeps a good eye on people. And most importantly, helps them educate about various subjects.

2. Natural science: Starting for sustainable development to engineering. UNESCO is trying the world population to become literate and knowledgeable. However, it also makes people conscious of natural resources. And directs them to stop wasting them. Helping them to know about the three R's completely.

3. Social and human sciences: This organisation is also aware of humans and the way they socialize. Under this domain, the specialists promote knowledge. Regarding the basic human rights and to fight once deprived. Moreover, some of us, don't even know their constitution. Keeping all these things in mind. UNESCO gives a healthy and wealthy lesson to make them aware of their rights.


4. Culture: UNESCO officials are working hard to provide the essentials of culture. The way a person should adapt his/her culture. It helps them learning cultural guidelines. Moreover, along with maintaining cultural diversity and heritage.

5. Communication and information: It supports the statement of 'free flow of ideas by word and image". The main motive behind it is to create a fruitful community. Most importantly, that helps people empower with knowledge and power at the same time.

Apart from, these mentioned domains of operation. The UNESCO also promotes a lot of extras. However, most crucial among them was their fight against racism. It believes that there should be no inequality regarding skin colour. Every one of us have red blood, and hence, we all are humans. Black and White have no difference.

Its other functions are spread on the following domains also:

  • Climate Change,
  • Gender equality,
  • Languages,
  • Multilingualism and
  • Education for sustainable development.

Moreover, it literates people about mankind''s valuable past. They promote lectures regarding their protection. However, to be very precise, the list includes Giza pyramids, Great barrier reef and Machu Picchu.


However, apart from storing its own soft copies, it has developed a number of information processing tools. That can be easily used by an average computer operator.

1. CDS/ISIS: It is a general information storing system. The Windows version of this device is able to run on a single computer or a LAN. Moreover, allows developing HTML pages to search its database.

2. Open IDAMS: Above all, the software package is built to access mathematical/numerical data. Moreover, that are either made or recorded by the UNESCO itself.

3. IDIS: It is a data exchanging tool. It is used to transfer or receive data from CDS to IDAMS or vice-versa.


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