Full form of RAW agency|| History, ambitions, training and prerequisites!!

Full form of RAW agency

Full form of RAW agency: Research and Analysis Wing.

RAW is the short form for Research and Analysis Wing. RAW is the foreign intelligence agency of country - India. The agency deals with every other foreign collaborated work. It is an agency, that functions on collecting international tactics. They are one of the most advanced agencies of trained professionals. That discovers info regarding counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation and a ton of other relevant stuff. RAW is a nation worker, that resides in other countries. But only serves their own country. However, analysts all over the globe have confirmed the fact. That Indian RAW officers are the fundamental components. Of the primary equipment of India's national power.

Coming to its history, the research and analysis wing was established in 1968. Before its establishment, the Intelligence Bureau (or IB) handled foreign intelligence work. But later, facing limitations (poor performance during wars with China and Pakistan) with the bureau. Its deputy director Mr. Rameshwar Nath Kao, passed the blueprint of RAW. Due to his seriousness with the wing, he was the first director of the new RAW. However, it was the time, when the wing's research can't be trusted. Since it was new, it needed much more time to develop trust within. However, knowing the full form of RAW agency is worth it.


The Research and Analysis Wing aka RAW runs on the international level. Due to its operations spread worldwide. It works on a certain set of ambitions. Moreover, it works on its ambitions as follows:

1. Keeping an eye on the growth of a number of countries. That have political, financial, scientific and defence relations with India. RAW has hired the nation's most intelligent professionals. To simply strengthen India's foreign laws and foreign security. The analysis wing analyses everything in a very clever way. They are known to provide very helpful info to Indian officials in work.

2. RAW also teaches an effective strategy to its professionals. To satisfy the national and international public with their work. However, they are very practical professionals. They are trained, educated and experienced. That's why they are also capable of handling work practically. Moreover, they work a lot to influence foreign government also.


3. The RAW is a great hider. It acts very cleverly with the connected countries. Even though, safeguarding India's national interests. The wing is capable of converting/hiding international deals. The RAW is a great detective as well as a great influencer too.

4. Moreover, it is a defence force in itself. The RAW is known to operate on all cases of terrorism within the nation. They have some instant relations with the crime branches working in India. RAW has a great note of ongoing attacks and helps to find ways to end them at all.

5. RAW is both - a warrior as well as a saviour, the same time. During the wars with Pakistan and China. It was working with the name of the Intelligence Bureau. In its period of work, the agency has limited the flow of weapons to Pakistan. Moreover, have accessed the communist party of China to limit wars within. However, knowing the full form of RAW agency is worth it.


An average RAW agent goes through two types of training. Before becoming a full time professional in their field of work. The agent firstly does the basic training, followed by the advanced training.

1. Basic training: The basic training is the initial training given to a RAW agent. The basic training gives knowledge about the basics. It continues for not more than ten days. This period of ten days allows the agents to get introduced to the work of their job profile. They are taught with different subjects out there. Starting from space science, information security, energy and power security. And ending to financial, geological, and strategical analysis.

2. The advanced training: After the basic training, the candidate is given advanced training. They are sent to the Field Intelligence Bureau or FIB. Via the FBI, they are taken to areas where they are required to survive to fight the harsh nature. Are required to stay in extreme weather conditions. Fighting storms, cyclones and even dangerous heat. Moreover, they are taught a number of tactics to survive critical traps. The way to answer interrogation, the tactic to deal with wild animals, tribals, armed people etc.

Full form of RAW agency


Above all, the candidate wants to be a RAW agent. Is required to have a number of inbuilt qualities in them. They must be strong both physically as well as mentally. However, the following qualities are a must for a RAW agent:

  • Must have a lively and interactive nature. They must know the way of proper communication, irrespective of their caste and place of living.
  • An adaptive nature to take and play risks. They must be energetic and a fighter from inside. They should have good time management skills. Such that they can manage time and complete their tasks side by side.
  • Should have enough motivation, dedication and determination. To get up after any type of fall. Should have leadership qualities to ignite people that had given up.
  • Must be a responsible and trustable person. Being a professional agent demands professionalism. The person must be capable of controlling ownself in tough times also.


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