FIFA full form in English|| History, structure, awards, flag and anthem!!

FIFA full form in English

FIFA full form in English: International Federation of Association Football.

Above all, FIFA is a non-profit organisation that deals with international events. Regarding football, futsal, beach soccer and e-football. Moreover, this organisation is the highest and topmost competitor. Of the national associations like Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany etc. FIFA is lucky to have its headquarters at Zurich. Since, it is now an active member of a group of 211, national associations. To be very precise, this federation is an active member. Of the seven global continents mentioned in the world map. Above all, FIFA is making the world conscious of football. By helping several different football clubs grow and elevate. Moreover, FIFA also is known to organize several world cups. That exists in the field of - a game of football.

According to Wikipedia, FIFA was founded in 21st May 1904. With the french full form of Federation Internationale de Football Association. The French name had become quite popular in foreign countries also. Some of the sorted associations of the world founded it. Moreover, Robert Guerin was the first president of this international football organisation. Though facing many new presidents. FIFA is still alive with their great work and responsible characters. However, knowing FIFA full form in English is worth it.


Coming to the structure of this international federation. It is obvious to be known all over the world. FIFA have six federations in its name. Along with two hundred and eleven national associations registered under its brand. The federations keep an eye over the football matches. Whereas, the associations are responsible to maintain the FIFA statues and models. Along with it being the priority, to start any kind of FIFA relations.

When the talk shifts to its laws. FIFA is actually, a Switzerland based organisation. So, it's obvious to follow Switzerland based laws. FIFA's main body is the FIFA congress. That consists of elected members, each from its association members. Congress does its majority of work. Starting from managing the statues, making new laws, accepting new associations. And ultimately up to electing the president. Apart from the president, it also selects the general secretary and other small officials. However, knowing FIFA full form in English is worth it.


The FIFA Council: FIFA's main decision-making body is the FIFA council. Also known as the FIFA executive committee. This council's chairman is none. But the president of FIFA alone. Coming to its member count. It consists of a total of thirty-seven people. That includes the president, vice-presidents, and other from the confederations. Moreover, the council hosts the FIFA world cup. Both men's and women's world cups.

Men of action: Coming to the main office holders of this organisation. The president and the general secretary are the main men of action. However, they are also prime officeholders. That maintains and manages the organisation. On a daily basis, that includes routine working instructions to its staff and officials.

Other bodies: Being a large international organisation. FIFA comprises of a lot of other bodies also. Most importantly, each of them does different tasks. Some of the most crucial of them are as follows:

  • FIFA Emergency Committee.
  • FIFA Ethics Committee.
  • The Finance Committee.
  • The Disciplinary Committee.
  • The Referees Committee.

The Emergency Committee is the only committee. That takes instant actions, regarding any kind of problem or conflict in the go. The committee is insanely active and updates it daily. The president handles most of its work itself. However, a member of the confederation also does some part of the work.


Coming to its recognitions and sponsors. FIFA has a lot of it. FIFA is a global level reputed organisation. That plays a major role in running global sports and contests. These organisations have been sponsored by some of the world's most renowned companies. That includes Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Visa, Qatar Airways and Wanda Group.

It has also been respected by some of the world's greatest awards. Almost all of them are title awards. So it will be better looking at them one-by-one:

  • The best FIFA men's player.
  • Best FIFA women's player.
  • The best FIFA football coach.
  • FIFA FIFPro World 11.
  • FIFA's club of the century (the year 2000).
  • FIFA player of the century (the year 2000).


The logo is known to have a blue coloured background. Along with its, organizational logo at the front (middle). The FIFA flag is flown before every single FIFA powered match. Moreover, it is made mandatory to remember the brand name. Prior to starting any kind of FIFA powered game. Recently, it was flown in Moscow, Russia in the year of twenty-eighteen.

Coming to its anthem. FIFA features its anthem. That is a composition of a German composer named Franz Lambert. That was recomposed by Rob and Simon to refine its lyrics later.


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