CBI full form in English|| History, structure, facts about director, functions and eligibility!!

CBI full form in English

CBI full form in English: Central Bureau of Investigation.

The CBI belongs to the crime-solving branch, working under the central government. The government undertaking organization works for security and making the nation, crime-free. CBI's headquarters is at the capital - New Delhi, India. Each and every officer of the CBI works under the control of a senior IPS officer. The organisation investigates the biggest, national-level crimes. Moreover, it entirely focuses on solving different economic, social, regional and special crimes. CBI actually works by making teams of officers. However, most of them are IPS officers. Moreover, they employ the teams containing the most intelligent IPS officers.

Coming to its history, CBI was established as late as 1941. It was a special police establishment. To maintain security and peace within the country. However, after years of services and work, the government provided it with the name of CBI. It was not late than the first of April when the police organisation was renamed as CBI. The then director Mr D.P. Kohli directed the bureau for the very first time. It was the time when the CBI was emerging as a security service branch. Moreover, it took actions against kidnapping, murders, smuggling, and other malpractices. However, knowing the CBI full form in English is worth it.


Above all, the central bureau of investigation has one of the best intelligent and planned structures. Its members are highly qualified, disciplined and patriotic in nature. Moreover, the investigation department holds the most intelligent officers in its name. However, being the central government controls it. However, it directly derives its laws and powers from its headquarters at New Delhi.

The director of CBI holds its supreme power. To sum up, the Director heads the entire organisation. Moreover, a special or additional director assists him. He works as an assistant for the honourable director. Since the entire bureau is big and handles national crimes and conflicts. CBI has many other posts to handle its important work. Additionally, employing officers like the (joint directors, deputy inspectors, superintendents, and other policemen). However, knowing the CBI full form in English is worth it.

But other parts of the CBI are as follows. Most of them work as their name says. However, the CBI functions with full loyalty and responsibility.

  • Anti-corruption division,
  • Special crimes division,
  • Economic offences division,
  • Directorate of prosecution,
  • Policy and coordination division,
  • Central Forensic laboratory.


1. The director of the CBI takes all the major decisions. Moreover, he is like the boss of the entire administration. He is usually the Inspector general of police, Delhi. The director is a responsible and hardworking individual. The special police establishment is known to solve crimes and offences. Regarding corruption, crime, and unjust acts. It has connections with the Central Vigilance Commission.

2. The CVC act of the year 2003. Was known to provide security to the director of CBI. Under this act, the director will be provided with security and armed bodyguards. Moreover, that will work straight for two years time. Straight after the date of joining in the post. Moreover, it is the only act that allows the directors to get selected. The act provides the method to select the director and other officers. Starting from the rank of SP to others.

3. The director is chosen by the central government. There are certain groups cum committees to encourage the government. However, they assist the central government to appoint the director. However, the other members of the committee include the following persons:

  • Central Vigilance Commissioner,
  • Secretary to the Government of India,
  • and the secretary from the home affairs.


1. Above all, CBI functions independently to investigate cases of corruption, bribery, and disobedience. Most importantly, it is known to protect and take action against any employee harassment.

2. The bureau of investigation is the strict security of the organisation. It acts strictly for cases related to the infringement of fiscal and economic laws.

3. CBI also maintains a serious and regular security team. It has a strict eye on import and exports. It wants a fair and just system to be operated countrywide. Cases of frauds regarding tax, currency exchange rates and goods supply will be strictly observed.

4. It has a routine duty to investigate national crimes. All-day and all night, policemen are never off duty. It runs a deadly and strict web. To catch people engaged in gangs, ramifications, killing for money etc.

5. It is a great supporter cum coordinator. Of the nation's anti-corruption and anti-terrorism agencies. CBI officers want their nation to be crime-free and secured from all possible aspects. Moreover, they are known to have supporting contacts with the state and regional police forces.

6. They even manage a detailed and proper crime statistics for each and every month of the year. However, they are very serious with their data handling systems. To sum up, they maintain good and well criminal and crime-related records. Moreover, makes people aware of them by spreading the very info.


CBI follows a basic set of eligibility rules. That differentiate between the candidates. That is allowed and not allowed to appear for it.

  • Above all, the candidate must be a graduate in any discipline. And the college should be well recognised one. However, irrespective of the disciplines. The central government gives its candidates, a chance to serve the nation.
  • The specific eligibility varies according to the respective posts. They are required to deal with the kind of post they are interested in.
  • The CBI recruitment drive has restricted the age requirements. Any candidate ageing between 20 to 27 years. Will be allowed to sit the examinations.
  • However, age is relaxed for the OBC's, SCs and the ST's. According to sources, OBC candidates are relaxed with three years. Whereas, SC's and ST's are relaxed with five years.


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