MBA full form in English|| History,admission procedure,career options!!

MBA full form in English

MBA full form in English: Master of Business Administration.

MBA is an educational degree for anyone interested in learning business tactics and tricks. It is done after the successful completion of the bachelor of business administration (BBA). Moreover, this course is a part of the American educational system. Particularly from the 20th century, when companies began to adopt the scientific style of management. Moreover, coming to its most crucial contents. It includes lessons focused on business ethics, communication, law and strategy. However, it also covers the fields of accounting, human resources. Along with finance, entrepreneurship and a ton of other fields. The native American course even keeps the option of choosing elective subjects. Moreover, they have more than fifty credits to complete within.

Above all, everyone knows the educational degree of MBA. But, to be very precise. MBA has a majority of its practitioners in Asia alone. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Pakistan etc. have a notable amount of business schools. This administrative subject has impressed them greatly. And hence, keeping its brighter side in mind. These countries have adopted the subject completely. However, having masters in the field of business administration is valuable. These graduates will maintain the country's economy. By either running private or public businesses. That ultimately, helps the economy to grow and keep growing. However, knowing the MBA full form in English is worth it.


Above all, the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) was known to originate from the United States of America. The now superpower have introduced it. Only to help industries running on the scientific style of management. Workers having this degree has decent knowledge. In business and can drive it through its growth and development. The very first business school was built in the U.S. in 1881. With the name of The Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania. It is motivating to mention, that a donation had built the school. Following that trend, it has gone viral in the entire globe now. It is a fact that the MBA has its origin from the subject of commerce. Moreover, the degree of MSc in commerce is the predecessor of the MBA.

There were several first times in MBA's past. That ultimately, resulted in its sky-high popularity. Mentioning some of them will be simply enough:

1. Harvard,1908: The first-ever MBA program was established by the Harvard Graduate School Of Business Administration.

2. MIT,1930: First management and leadership education program was launched. It was mainly made for executives and half-experienced graduates. That was in or about to be in the post of managers.

3. University of Chicago,1943: The very first executive MBA program was launched. Observing mass participation in them. The university simply moved its campuses to Chicago, London and Hong-Kong.

4. Canada,1950: The very first MBA program got launched outside the USA. Firstly in Canada and then in South Africa respectively.

5. 1955-1963: These years the MBA program began to spread all around the globe. Apart from Asia, it began to gain popularity in European countries. Along with countries like Korea and Pakistan began to inherit this in their business schools.


  • The admission and selection procedure greatly varies from place to place. Since different places have different colleges, their admission procedure is also different.
  • Above all, GMAT and GRE are the examinations, most of the institutions rely on. Some of them do direct admission based on the scores. Whereas, others don't.
  • Talking about the others, they are among those who don't consider the entrance scores majorly. But consider the previous performance of the candidates. That is, in terms of academics, extra-curricular activities, work experience etc. Moreover, for these institutions, the practical skills and knowledge of a candidate matter the most.
  • Moreover, there are also some institutions that evaluate candidates, on the basis of communication. Apart from academic scores, certificates, written scripts, honorary badges. There are some, which assess a candidate on the basis of his/her speaking skills. Good communication is a must in one's career in administration. Until you communicate nicely, you can't start with the 'B' of your business.
  • However, there are also many institutions. That runs its selection procedure based on certain ratios. Majorly on the basis of male to female and local to international.
  • However, the complete brief selection procedure is like this. It starts with an entrance examination. Followed by testing a candidate's essay writing skills. Then, clearing the selection after some rounds of personal interviews. Ultimately, the selection team settles down, after launching their counselling sessions. However, knowing the MBA full form in English is worth it.


The postgraduate can choose anything from the below professions:

  • Business analyst: Interested in analysing stuff? The business analyst will be the best option. You will be kept to analyse a particular business domain. Regarding its practices (fair or not), processes and required technology involvement in them.
  • Business Associate: Person who functions in a way to increase a company's sales. Helps in boosting the economic profits of a company or brand. They are considered masterminds. Since being involved in strategy and plan making. However, also known to build healthy client relations.
  • Entrepreneur: Money-minded business owners are called entrepreneurs. Most importantly, they are people who have developed their own companies, industries or subsidiaries. Most of the times, they are the boss of their built companies.
Apart from the above three positions. Candidates can also opt for various different positions. That may be as simple as creating a portfolio. Or maybe analysing projects, strategies, market research etc. The entire world of business couldn't be covered in a single page. The case is similar with their positions also. Nothing is limited, there are tons of positions out there. Just prepare youself, such that people can't ignore you at all!!

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