LOL full form in English|| History,similar slangs,uses & examples!!

LOL full form in English

LOL full form in English: (Laugh)ing Out Loud.

LOL is an internet slang. That appears in between text messages to other users. The slang represents a situation, where the people in touch simply laughs or smiles. This is actually a supporting taunt to support your humour. Either during textual or face-to-face conversations. This slang became very popular after its very first use in Usenet itself. It is one of the smallest slang to express tear giving laugh. LOL is one of the most tongue-catchy slang ever.

Unlike other similar slangs, LOL got accepted to be inserted in the Oxford English Dictionary. It was sometime in twenty eleven, LOL appeared for its first time in the dictionary. It was actually pirated from a message by Wayne Pearson in the late 19th century. LOL and similar slangs like ROFL have reached the world of face to face conversations. Straight from the virtual world of internet conversations. After 2011, LOL began to gain greater importance. Since it was listed in the dictionary, it has been now assigned a grammatical value also. In the present time, the slang serves a great substitution to words expressing humour. Moreover, knowing LOL full form in English is worth it.


1. LMAO: Laughing my ass off. This slang is used when we are trying to express something extremely funny. The situation is so funny, that we may lose our body facets laughing for it. It may be thought of an evolved slang of LOL. However, LMAO originated sometime in the 1990s. It was popular among then tech-savvy people. Moreover, it has greatly replaced phrases of "that was funny" or "that made me laugh".

2. ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing. It is one of the most popular slang in the world of the market. It is used to express a deadly act of laughing. That forces a person to roll on the floor with it. Unlike, LMAO it is not present in any English dictionary. This kind of slangs appears mostly in the people's chats.

3. ROFLMAO: Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. The slang expresses a crystal clear meaning of laughter and humorous situations. This slang is practical, a combination of the above two slangs. Once they are combined together, the meaning depicted is much deep. To sum up, you are losing your body parts and rolling on the floor at the same time. This particular slang has gone a step ahead.

4. ROFLCOPTER: Words have magic in them. They have art in them to express ideas. But slangs are always a step ahead. The bold slang represents a person getting dissolved in tremendous laughter. It denotes the situation when a person spins on the floor like a helicopter. Only, out of humour and excitement.


LOL or laugh out loud is an internet slang. And after its appearance in the English dictionary. It can be used as an interjection in written sentences. The slang became a well-known word included in English grammar. Unlike the word meaning, LOL mostly represents a person smiling or just spreading his lips.

Coming to its usage, LOL is used as an interjection in textual sentences. A number of people like it to write in uppercase letters. Whereas, a few others like it to be written in lowercase letters. The slang is, however, not used in verbal communications. But there is no specific rules regarding its use in sentences also. People could use it in any form they want. Both in the capital as well as in small letters are acceptable.


  • That was a great joke! lol!
  • I lol' ed so hard watching him playing that character.
  • You are pronunciation can lol anyone around!
  • She has got brains, lol!
  • Why don't you lol me once again, as you use to?
  • Really? Did they spend any time on you? LOL!
  • It said Mike come to the site immediately, LOL!
  • I remembered as a kid, I real y hated my name LOL.
  • The title of the video was Wheelchair rolls into traffic, LOL!!
  • LOL! Max said a nerd bent over, trying to pull his pants.
  • LOL! I was just borrowing your magazine, he replied as if this were just business as usual.
  • Stop with the LOL! My birthday is in September.


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