LOGO full form in English|| History, coloring & designing, types and reasons logo is cool!!

 LOGO full form in English
LOGO full form in English: Language of graphics-oriented.

A logo is visually a symbol or an emblem. That is used publicly to resemble a brand or a name (maybe of a company, personality, business, or anything like that). A logo is usually a tiny piece of art, that is used to say bigger sentences. To sum up, it is a language used to resemble names graphically. Logo designers are the persons known to designs logos. They are nothing, but outstanding artists. A logo is itself - a piece of art. And the designers know it well. Moreover, logos can be more powerful than words, or sentences. Since, they are used globally, to be recognized by millions, actually billions of people. Generally, a logo is made with a letter or two. But some designers find it cool to add emojis in them.

Coming to its history, the idea of logo was alive since the 7th century. It was the time when people left the barter system. And began to use coins instead. The coins were the first to have a logo in. Unless they have the logo, they can't be used further. Earlier coins had the logos of animals or birds on them. They were used to resemble certain dynasties. But later on, with the advancement in people's thinking and knowledge. The united states began to build logo-making firms. Moreover, by 1890, the USA has around 700 logo printing firms. That employed about 2000 workers in them. However, knowing the LOGO full form in English is worth it.


The logo is an essential component of a brand's identity. A company or brand is counted based on its logo. It is one of the easiest visuals to recognize the brand easily. So, the logo plays an important role in a company's popularity and exposure. It is required to be well coloured and designed. However, knowing the LOGO full form in English is worth it.

Coming to the designing part. Companies and brands hire other printing companies to get their logo made. The professionals doing this job are termed as graphic designers. However, designing the crucial identity of a brand via logo making. Is considered the most crucial and difficult jobs in the field of graphic design. The logos generally occur in three different categories.

  • Firstly, the ideographs, that are known to provide some of the most abstract logo designs. Chase bank, Evoke the moon logo are two of its great examples.
  • Secondly, pictographs are another nice form of logos. These are iconic, representing and contains much of pictures in them. Logos are more understanding when pictures are used in them.
  • Thirdly, the textual wordmarks. These type of logos contains useful words and even alphabets in them. They tend to represent the brand or company's name instantly. They are either letters or complete words.


Coming to the colouring part. Colour matters a lot in designing a logo. Selection of colours and applying them correctly is important. Colours have a deep connection to the psychology of humans. They are known to provide the mood, emotions and other angles to understand the logo (perspectives). Colour of a logo should be chosen in a clever way. It should be catchy, attractive and nice. Most importantly, the designer should note that the colour should not hurt any social belief. Since people had a hell lot of arguments with the colour only. However, colours are known to represent certain groups. So, nothing should be chosen to oppose anything or anyone.


Logo making has an entire industry out there. The people engaged in it are known as logo designers. Moreover, logos must be traction gainers. Until they are catchy and able to send a strong message. They are useless. Even after choosing great colours and fonts for making it. Until it conveys the exact message, it is worthless. To divide the work in making the logos, it is divided into the following types:

1. Monogram logos: These are logos that contains only a letter or two. They will never contain a complete word in them. Moreover, global brands are known to demand it the most. For instance, brands like hp, LG, HBO etc. are at the top of the list.

2. Wordmark logos: These type of logos are completely font-based. With the upcoming of more advanced fonts in the market. These type of logos are gaining higher demands. Wordmark logos are known for their unique font style and designs.

3. Pictorial marks: This logos are completely based on icons or so-called graphics. They are made with graphical pictures. Moreover, their one appearance can help them getting recognised easily. These logos could be of animals, birds or anything. But the fact is that they represent collective nouns. Rather than anything specific.


4. Mascots: These are funny logotypes. They mostly represent a face with a character. However, general mascot logos are cartoon characters. That is given life with a nice combination of colour and fonts.

5. Emblems: These emblems are the weirdest of all. They represent a brand or a company. Simply, with the help of an icon or a symbol. Adding any type of word or alphabet is simply against its trend. The logos of BMW, Oxford University are its great instances.

6. Abstract logos: Above all, these logos contain pictures. And are usually without any kind of wordmarks. Abstract logos are completely different than other types of logos. They are attractive to look at. But the fact is that they picture something and denotes something else. The logo has an entirely different meaning in themselves. For instance, the logo of Hyundai. The letter H is depicted in a way, that two people are shaking hands. Moreover, the LIC logo shows two joined hands. Forming the gesture of namaste to welcome its consumers.


Logos are a great sign builder for businesses and companies. They help a lot of people to recognise brands instantly. Moreover, they could be built with little investments. To sum up, having a logo is cool for the below-listed reasons:
  • Logos are great attention grabbers. They are highly attractive and beneficial for emerging and popular brands.
  • Since the first impression is the last impression. Logos helps a lot in building a strong first impression.
  • The logo is nothing, but the first most foundation. That is used in building the brand's identity.
  • Logo's are short and catchy. These little features make them instantly memorable.
  • It helps a brand to stand out the competition. Moreover, helps to shine like the shooting star anyway.


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