ADIDAS full form|| History,marketing campaigns, its sports!!

ADIDAS full form

ADIDAS full form: Adolf 'Adi' Dassler.

ADIDAS is a multinational cum popular brand. It was started by Adolf Dassler, the present founder and CEO of the company. ADIDAS is the largest sportswear manufacturing brand in entire Europe. That makes it second-largest in the world after Nike. Nike is one of the most competitive rivalries of ADIDAS. Among all other popular brands of Reebok, Runtastic and an ocean of other brands. ADIDAS is headquartered at Germany. Germans love to play sports. So, to serve its people and the rest of the world. It started to take dive in other sectors also. Apart from sportswear, it manufactures a lot of other stuff. Starting from sportswear, its production extends to footwear, sports equipment. Along with perfumes, deodorants and a lot of other fitness gadgets. However, knowing ADIDAS full form is worth it.

ADIDAS full form

Three of the Adidas major subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Reebok,
  • Runtastic and
  • Matix.

Coming to its history, this multi-billion dollar company started from a small store. That was founded by Adolf Dassler, who used to make sportswear. In his mother's own laundry room. Those were days when people didn't receive a continuous electric supply. In order, to deal with this situation. The Dassler brothers started to produce electricity manually, by their own mechanical bicycle. It was necessary to keep their equipment keep going. Dassler's store slowly turned into a major producer in Europe. And now it is popular all over the globe. However, World wars I & II have played a major role in its development.


In order to spread the brand worldwide. The business managers are required to do a campaign for its growth. Advertising is the most common way of making the brand popular. But ADIDAS have done something extra. However, knowing ADIDAS full form is worth it.

ADIDAS officials divided their marketing into three major parts:

  • The Adidas performance,
  • Adidas Originals and
  • Style Essentials.

1. Adidas performance is meant for giving devoted attention to the various athletes and sports stars. That they are or will take into business branding. This marketing body is completely bent towards, making people aware of the athlete's importance. It may start by sharing the life story or some recent clips of the sportsperson. Their prime objective being, making the world aware of the wear stars prefer. This is the perfect way to market their products to a massive audience. Since they are sports celebrities and making them wear their products will simply win hearts.

2. Adidas Originals, on the other hand, focuses on the brand itself. This marketing body makes the audience aware of the brand. It works for making the brand remain popular. However, it tells a story regarding the brand, its earlier versions. And how it has changed or will change in the coming future. Moreover, it highlights the logos, that had remained a icons in the past. And discusses its future logos in details. Moreover, this is a great strategy to generate brand-specific leads. And targeting a massive audience will be extremely profitable.


3. Above all Style Essentials, is made in the memory of its logo origins. Adidas had collaborated with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, to design its brand's logo. This marketing body deals with the style, and specifically the fashion market. However, apart from any other fashion designing, its Y-3 collaboration was above all. Moreover, Y-3 signifies the name of Yamamoto for Y. And the three stripes for the digit three.

Apart from its marketing campaigns. It has invested a lot in its brand advertisements. However, the country of India is one of its major consumers. With a population of about 133 crores, India alone can flood the MNC with loads of money. Moreover, popular Bollywood celebrity Ranveer Singh. Has been signed as its brand ambassador, sometime in twenty fifteen.

Going towards the digital side, Adidas is not any step back. It had settled its plans to sell stuff online. Mostly, via the popular Indian stores of Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong etc. Moreover, getting profitable signs from the population's tradition. Moreover, Adidas received a gigantic and open market from Indians, who love the game of cricket. Selling and promoting essentials and commons linked with cricket, it makes good profits. However, Adidas attempted to make the Indian captain, Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador. But due to some reasons, it hadn't gone by their side.


Apart from the game of cricket, the MNC has its grasp on several different games also. Starting from the infamous game of kabaddi, to stadium howling games of baseball, football, basketball and a lot more.

  • Cricket: Above all, Indian cricket has a lot of connections with this MNC. From footwears to bats. Adidas has done it all. It had always remained in the trends. For its lightweight though toe painting style of shoes. It was greatly appreciated and used. Inspired by such a large scale success, Adidas began to manufacture bats also. Shifting its manufacturing to the next level. It started to pick up Indian sports stars directly. Asking them for their most preferrable bat or shoe types. Moreover, sports gods like Sachin Tendulkar had been spotted a lot of times explaining his personalized styles to the company officials.
  • Football: Adidas has big connections with the world-famous FIFA organisation. It was always focused on manufacturing nice football kits and equipment. Football is one of the most popular games in the world. And hence, Adidas possesses enough motivation, in making its stuff. However, its main products are tees, boots, balls, nets, sprays and a lot of other football stuff.
  • Baseball: It also has great connections with world baseball companies. It is known to provide good quality and excellent baseball tools and kits. Everything from shirts, balls, gloves, and a lot more. However, it is known to sponsor a pretty lot of professionals. Directly from international teams like Major League Baseball and the Nippon Professional Baseball.

Apart from the above games, Adidas is a major sportswear producer. Of several different games like the golf, gymnastics, tennis, running, lacrosse, gymnastics etc.


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