WHO full form in English|| History,operations and tasks!!

WHO full form in English

WHO full form in English: World Health Organization.

Above all, WHO is the short form for the world health organization. The organization specializes in maintaining health-related issues. Most importantly, it works under the United Nations. And is assigned to work for international public health. The developed motto of the organization is focused on acquiring the best possible health. For all the people, they have their eye on. In other words, WHO works on an international level of maintaining health-related issues. Moreover, the organization is headquartered from Geneva, Switzerland. Through its 6 regional and 150 field offices worldwide.

Coming to its history, WHO was established on April 7th, 1984 by the constitution of India. Moreover, the day of April 7th was declared as the World health day. Is considered as an international day and is created on the memory of WHO's establishment. It was the most initial step in the field of international health management. It is amazing to know. That even WHO has its predecessors, known as the International Sanitary Conferences. The history of which, dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. Most importantly, in the present date, WHO operates upon any human-health related issue. That occurs in the form of pandemic or threat but at the global level. There are several hospitals and health centres that work under WHO. Not directly, but indirectly WHO is helping people via its facilities and services. Moreover, knowing WHO full form in English is worth it.


1. Diseases that communicate: Above all, WHO has a great focus on communicable diseases. It has its main parts working on this domain. Starting from several different epidemics to all other pandemics. They work on every single domain. However, their work is well recognised. And graphs shows that WHO has worked a lot for its people. Reducing cases of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria by a great proportion. WHO is known to reduce HIV cases by 50% and deaths by 90%. Moreover, it is able to control malaria. However, in the continent of Africa and other countries lying on the equator. Apart, it have made the T.B. medication completely free for the people.

2. Non-communicable diseases: WHO haven't left this domain also. However, the international organisation is focused on controlling each kind of disease. WHO works on the members of the following list:

  • Prevention and reduction of disability.
  • Premature deaths.
  • Injuries.
  • Mental disorders, pain.
  • Visual and audible impairments.

3. Stages of life: WHO is completely inclined to maintaining one's health at different life stages. Moreover, it is a responsible health organisation and leaves no domain of life. Has good and maintained supervision on the globe's stages of life. It supervises on the following domains individually:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Childbirth.
  • The neonatal period.
  • Adolescence and childhood.
  • Ageing.
  • Sexual and reproductive health.


4. Surgery and emergency services: WHO is a full-fledged and responsible global health organization. It has a specialization in health and medical sciences. Apart from health it also has supervision upon surgery services. WHO spends quality time on encountering and solving medical problems. From performing tiny to big, risky physical operations. Caused by traffic accidents, social work or during wars. It has a team of hard-working doctors and operators. That work on the global level.

Moreover, the WHO also focuses on solving emergency cases. From providing immediate cures to operations. In other words, the organization works with healthy cooperations. To deal with the loss of life and health. WHO believes in global peace in terms of health and life. Moreover, the organisation works as security or say, the bodyguard for its people. This fact of this organization makes it unique and adds reputation to its profile.

5. WHA: World Health Assembly. It is the legislative body of the organization. It is known to handle all the administrative activities for WHO. Moreover, it also spends quality time in making and fixing policies for it. Also is capable of changing and modifying all of its policies. The World health assembly is controlled by its chosen Director general. Who is chosen every five years through voting. Moreover, knowing WHO full form in English is worth it.


1. Assisting through technology: WHO is an organization, that works on the global level. It has its access throughout the globe. Every other country is linked with it. And WHO assists them by providing the needed technologies. Regarding several different health problems for the people. Moreover, the WHO has the most advanced technologies and medications in the field of medical science. Hence, it provides its products to them, who requires it. In its history, WHO have helped several different underprivileged countries on its own.

2. Maintaining health status: Above all, WHO is responsible for maintaining international health status. It is a trusted organization in the field of medical science. And hence, it is one of its prime objectives to do so. It also plays a major role in providing advice and notifications. To maintain health and solve ill-fated issues.

3. Global contributor: WHO is a global contributor. When it comes to providing help and knowledge. WHO plays a prime role in providing responses and assistance to global pandemics, issues and threats. Apart, it also helps people suffering from natural disasters. They have an entire working team for the same.

4. Promoting consciousness: WHO is known to employ the world's most experienced brand-ambassadors. To work with them, providing consciousness about health. They are known to do the promotion of healthy habits, decisions and behaviours. Moreover, that greatly helps to end health-related taboos, threats. Moreover, it also promotes the fact of - "prevention is better than cure".


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