Full form of TVS bike|| History, features, awards & its logo!!

Full form of TVS bike

Full form of TVS bike: Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram.

Above all, the full form of TVS is actually the exact name of the founder of TVS company. Having Iyer at the end. This person has founded the TVS motor company. And to be very precise, its bikes are simply outstanding to utilize. These motor works are purely Indian and its headquarters are at Chennai. An economic booster, and a consumer satisfier. TVS is known to produce the most consumer satisfactory bikes. However, it was recorded to collect an annual revenue of about twenty thousand crores. TVS motors are becoming rich due to its excellent manufactures. Moreover, it has occupied the 3rd position, in terms of manufacturing bikes. Having a decent quantity of annual productions. TVS is a well-known exporter, that exports to sixty different countries worldwide.

Coming to its history, T.V Sundaram Iyengar founded this company. And pushed it to great heights alone in the name of Southern Roadways. The year was 1911 when he began to build this company. After a great hustle in the transportation business. It was Madurai, where the first service was continued for the public. After that, a ton of collaborations was done. And other giant transports like the lorries and trucks were operated. But finally, in the year of 1978. T.V Sundaram established the company. With the brand name of TVS Motor Company. That gradually, get grown into a successful international business. Specializing in the sales of scooters, bikes, three-wheelers etc. Moreover, knowing the full form of TVS bike is worth it.


1. Cheap enough: The TVS bikes have a quite cheap price. However, most of them are quite affordable. But TVS has a characteristic property. And it should have it, to get the attention of its consumers. These bikes are enough cool and stylish for the common man. To take a popular example. TVS manufactured, TVS Apache RTR200 4V is the most suitable example. It is affordable and stylish. Moreover, it has reasonable quality enough for consumer satisfaction.

2. Quality in them: The TVS bikes also have quality in them. And since it matters, they must continue with it. This company is also known for manufacturing quality in a bigger quantity. Taking the same example of TVS Apache RTR200 4V. To be very specific, the bike is adorable, when it comes to its gear controls. Moreover, the way it is painted and made simply adds to its looks. Most importantly, it's motive of in-house manufacturing. Simply attracts the attention of other brands to collaborate with. It adds to its trust level and dedication. BMW Motorrad is one among them.

3. End result and performance: The end result of this motor company is simply appreciable. However, from the same example of the same Apache bike. Positive reviews have been collected. However, they mention that these TVS bikes. Are way cooler and better and provides that classic old school ride. They are simply awesome, providing the exact hero type ride. However, their internal construction is awardable. Providing a smooth construction with smooth exhaustion.


  • The year 2002: Deming Application Prize, it is a prestigious award for TVS motor.
  • The year 2004: TVS Scooty Pep won the Outstanding Design Excellence Award. From the prestigious Business world magazine and the NIT Design in Ahmedabad.
  • The year 2007: The motor company has won the Ace Award for Most Innovative NetWeaver Implementation.
  • The year 2008: Productivity maintenance practises proved to be productive for the company. This has won the company the TPM excellence award by the Japan Institue of Plant Maintenance.
  • The year 2010: Venu Srinivasan was honoured by a doctorate of science degree. University of Warwick, UK has provided it. However, the Indian government honoured Shri Srinivasan with the Padam Shri award.


Full form of TVS bike

The TVS logo was founded back in the year of 1978. By the same person, who is the founder of the motor company. Mr Iyer has involved special designers to design the logo. The horse-shaped logo contains unique symbolic content. The display shows a running horse in red. The fiery horse, in India, has a notable meaning. Symbolising unstoppable run, excellent speed at the same instant. The entire logo seen together is simply a decoration. The blue coloured text " TVS" is sharp enough to catch one's vision. Moreover, the red coloured horse at the extreme right. Simply, signifies style, pace and the speed of a horse.

In order to check their official site, log on to www.tvsmotors.com

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