Full form of SUV car|| History, different types, pros and cons!!!

Full form of SUV car

Full form of SUV car: Sport Utility Vehicle.

The term Sport Utility Vehicle is assigned to a particular class of four-wheelers. That is combined with the features of both. The normal passenger cars to those used in off-road racing. SUV's are moreover, vehicles that could be used. In any type of roads, from smoother to the roughest ones. These utility vehicles are built with a particular design. Moreover, the design is the same for all kinds of SUVs. From interior to exterior, it follows the same trend. The SUVs tend to have spacious interiors and decorative exteriors. All of them come with a box-shaped structure with a high H point. Moreover, these vehicles are known for their good ground clearance.

Coming to its history, SUVs began to built around the 1930s. However, the earliest model of these utility vehicles was known to exist in the military. To be very specific, Jeep Cherokee is the first SUV, known to exist. Most importantly, due to their utility and increased usage. These utility vehicles gained popularity. And remained in a notable trend for over ten years straight (1990 - 2000). Recently, SUV has occupied the world market. Gaining about 37 per cent of the total consumer demands for the niche of SUV cars alone. However, its parts and other parts have also a great market demand. Moreover, knowing the full form of SUV car is worth it.


1. Crossover SUV: These utility vehicles are completely made for carrying passengers. Furthermore, the interior of these vehicles is comfortable and well designed. However, due to their durability and capability. They gained attention in the world market since the year of 2010. CUVs are also the most fuel-efficient vehicles. Almost all of them gives a considerable and decent mileage. The only disadvantage being its disability, to support racing activities. Hyundai Venue, Kia Sportage, Toyota Highlander, Chevrolet Traverse are some of the well known CUVs.

2. Mini SUV: These are the smallest version of the general SUV. The nomenclature of these vehicles is done this way. Only because of its small size and shape. These utility vehicles are nothing. But the subcompact models of the general CUVs. They are often called as the subcompact crossovers. However, the B-segment passenger car is its most popular synonym.

3. Compact SUV: Above all, the immediate succeeder of the Mini SUV car is known as the Compact SUV. The nomenclature got stuck to the compact level only. The reason being, it is the next biggest version after the subcompact CUVs. Moreover, these vehicles are made on a compact frame of construction. However, the C-segment passenger car is its most popular synonym.

4. Mid Size SUV: These cars are again the next bigger version of the same SUV car. Some of them are designed exactly like the regular crossover. The term is quite popular at some parts outside North America. However, their designs are constructed the same as the passenger car design. These mid-sized cars are comfortable from inside. And have an attractive look from outside.


5. Full-Size SUV: These utility vehicles are the largest size of the normal SUV car. They are the biggest versions of the original SUV. These vehicles are counted under the name of luxury vehicles. Moreover, their design is extremely comfortable, attractive and expensive. They are, however, not affordable by the common man. One word for these vehicles is "sports car". A larger portion of these vehicles is used in off-road racing. However, their planned and durable shape. Supports racers to win races!

6. Extended length SUV: These versions are the extended versions of the normal SUV car. The interior relatively contain more space than the normal ones. Consequently, used to carry a greater number of passengers. Their design is based on full-sized pickups. These SUVs may be called as the giant versions of the normal SUV. However, some of its popular examples are Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator L, Chevrolet Suburban are its top examples. However, these vehicles are counted among the world's top luxurious vehicles. Moreover, knowing the full form of SUV car is worth it.


1. Space: The main benefit of an SUV is its size. Almost all utility vehicles are bigger and broader in size. They are big enough for a full-fledged family. Moreover, it is a great transport. When the matter comes to transportation and passenger carrying. Buying an SUV for very personal uses. Is simply a great choice to be witnessed.

2. Safety: SUVs are also appreciated for the level of safety it provides. SUVs are big box-shaped vehicles. They are very adaptive to the road conditions. SUVs are great vehicles in the name of personal vehicles. Families full of kids are highly recommended to buy an SUV. In case they are about to buy one!

3. Racing: SUVs are also used in offroad racings. Some of the notable offroad races, that it had taken part, are as follows:

  • The Darker Rally.
  • Baja 1000.
  • FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup.
  • King of the Hammers.
  • Australasian Safari.
  • Trophee Andros ice-racing series.


Pollution: These utility vehicles cause pollution to the environment. Since, they are heavy, fuel eating large vehicles. They are known to emit a huge amount of emissions. As compared to other normal vehicles. Thus, causes more pollution, giving the same efficiency. Moreover, their designs are adaptive to adverse weather conditions. Their external material can easily face, rain, snow, mist, and other life threats. Which makes them unstoppable pollution causing vehicles.

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