Full form of NTPC|| Brief history, owned power plants, & its only con!!

Full form of NTPC

Full form of NTPC: National Thermal Power Corporation Limited.

The NTPC is a corporation, focused on generating electricity from thermal power. It is a great name among different thermal power plants. Present in the country of India. The corporation is a public sector undertaking. It is one of the biggest and trusted electricity generators in India. Being headquartered in the city of New Delhi, the capital of the country. Moreover, due to its location, it is capable of reaching a huge number of consumers. Its electricity is cheap, fast and reaches major parts of the country. However, its business model includes the distribution of electricity. To the state level power distributors and electricity boards. Most importantly, NTPC is a total all-rounder. It services make it an all-rounder. It has the country's best jewels in the field of management and engineering. Moreover, knowing the Full form of NTPC is worth it.


Late ninety's: The corporation was working hard until its establishment. The year was 1975 when the company was established as its present name. Gradually as time passed by, NTPC began to improve its working pace. The very first project done by it was at Shaktinagar. Moreover, the project was completed successfully. And resulted in tightening up its gears. Leaning forward, the corporation started making profits. Its tactics of selling electricity. Simply earned it big revenues (in crores). And also, helped it increasing its transmission capacity. Up to 15, 000 megawatts.

Till 2004: It was in 2004, its work got recognized. Consequently, earned it the 'Navratna' status by the government of India. However, the time was going great for them. As it was the same year, the corporation reached the 100B units transmission capacity. Since the company was facing expansions. It divided its workload to three of its own subsidiaries. That are listed below:

  • The NTPC Electric Supply Company Limited: For encouraging power distribution.
  • NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Limited: To control the increment in the power business.
  • NTPC Hydro Limited: To take control of the existing hydropower plants.


Up to the present date: In the month of October 2005. The corporation was now named as NTPC Limited. The main reason being its expansion in production. The corporation is extending its sources of electricity generation. That also contains generation by nuclear and hydropower plants. After a year from twenty, not 5, NTPC joint ventured with several other corporations. BHEL, SAIL, NHPC, NMDC were the main of them. Moreover, after a period of five years. Ntpc became capable of transmitting more than 30,000 megawatts of electricity.

Its joint ventures were not only limited. To the above plants only. But it has also assembled some enterprises in its team. That were mostly state-level enterprises. However, the goal of NTPC was simple. It has done that only to invest in the power generation business. Since, it is the easiest way to increase productivity and eventually, profits. Moreover, knowing the full form of NTPC is worth it.


When the term station is uttered. NTPC comes first in the list. It has one of the largest collections of power plants in India. The corporation is known to operate several different power plants. Starting from coal plants to gas plants. Wind plants, solar plants and hydropower plants. To be very precise, it is known to transmit a total of 49,943 MW of power. That is contributed by eighteen coal plants, seven gas-based plants, a wind plant. And also by eleven different solar plants and a hydropower plant.

1. Coal plants: NTPC is known to own a total of seven different coal plants. Moreover, some of them are under construction. Whereas, others are running at their complete potential. Almost, entire India has the NTPC owned coal plants. They are present from north to south. And from east to west of the country. Vindhyachal Super Thermal power station in Madhya Pradesh. And the LARA Super Thermal Power Station in Chhattisgarh. Holds the most transmission capacity among all. Holding a capacity of 4760 MW and 4000 MW respectively.

2. Gas-based plants: A little part of the country have the NTPC gas-based plants. However, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat contain four of them. And other states are Rajasthan, Kerala and Haryana. However, the notable Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited (RGPPL) is GAIL joint ventured. And is situated in the Ratnagiri district of Mumbai.

3. Hydropower plants: The corporation is known to own seven hydro plants. That collectively contributes 2439 megawatts of electric power. However, the Koldam Dam project in Himachal is the major contributor (800 MW). Followed by the Loharinag Pala hydro plant located in Uttarakhand (600 MW).

4. Solar and wind plants: The smallest contributor to NTPC's total power generation. 845 MW & 50 MW respectively.


It is a public sector undertaking corporation. It works for the common people of India. But like any other thing, NTPC is also not left from being criticised. The main reason being, its total land area. The NTPC is known to be built on the land, snatched by the tribals. It has, however, built several different dams. Which causes harm to the aquatic life and hence the environment. Bypassing several different laws. The government is snatching lands and destroying homes of the tribals. This makes the criticism even darker. Proving NTPC to be an unjust and unsupportive corporation for the tribals. It is the only CON, the giant corporation is known to possess.


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