Full form of ITC company|| history, products & brands, logo meaning!!

Full form of ITC company: Indian Tobacco Company.

ITC is the acronym or says short form for the Indian Tobacco Company. It is a multinational company, working in several different nations. Moreover, the 100+ years old company is now a member of the Forbes list. From revenue to facilities, this company has it all. ITC is known to have a huge turnover. Ranging between some eight to ten billion dollars. Moreover, it has acquired a net market worth of about fifty-two billion dollars. The evolution of this 100-year-old company is amazing. It has gained a dominant position in its domain. Along with, giving over 30k people work. It has given the employability ratio a reasonable rise over the past years.

Coming to its history, ITC was established in 1910. Moreover, it was renamed as the India Tobacco Company Limited in the year 1970. Later, as I.T.C Limited in 1974. Mentioning its following years of establishment. ITC was working as a British registered company. During the period of British rule and even now. ITC was headquartered in old and new Calcutta respectively. It was a total tobacco manufacturing company. Hiring workers in a large number from parts of south India. After the British rule, ITC began to dominant in its niche. Modern India knows it for its excellent and user-satisfying products. Mentioning its past, the company have faced several hardships. From torture to negative product reviews. But it helped it to grow in a successful one.


ITC is an MNC. And that is enough to explain its products and brands. It has a global reach and a global market.

1. Cigarettes: The major manufactured product is a cigarette. ITC is Asia's largest cigarette and bidi seller. It sells about eighty per cent of Asia's total cigarette and bidi consumers. These products are consumed by about 275 million people in Asia. That gains it a net revenue of about eleven billion dollars. From top brands (Wills Navy Cut, Gold Flake Kings, Gold Flake Premium Lights, etc.). To all other major cigarette brands. Are being manufactured and sold by this company alone.

2. Snacks and foods: ITC is also a very popular brand. When it comes to selling and marketing food items. From selling snacks to delicious juices. ITC is a master in it. Popular names like Kitchens of India, Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, B natural etc. All of them are manufactured by the food authority of ITC. Moreover, this company is known to dominant in several different niches. From snacks, ready-to-eat meals to fruit juices, dairy products and other confectionery.

3. Health and beauty care: ITC is also known to have a giant production of such items. From perfumes, shampoos, oils. To all other products for health and skincare. Moreover, they have started to market them under different brand names. Like the Fiama Di Wills, Vivel, Savlon and lot of other discrete names.

4. Stationery: They are also known to manufacture stationery products. Like books, notebooks, pens, and a ton other. They are further marketed. With several different brand names. From classmate, papercraft to the colour crew. About thirteen years ago, a classmate has achieved. The milestone of becoming, India's seventh-largest notebook marketer.

5. Hotels: This company have an unimaginable reach. It is spread in almost every single domain. It is known to provide people with its hotels and services. Its brand chain of WelcomHotel has gained the 2nd position. Among other hotel brands that operate for a population of 133 crores.

6. IT: The hottest industry of India, IT is not left by ITC. Itc has its privately-owned subsidiary, Infotech India Limited. That works completely for this particular sector. Serving the world's second-largest populated country.

7. Paperboards and matchsticks: ITC is a major producer and marketer of such products. It is known to sell products like speciality, graphic, and tracing papers. Along with it, it is also a popular marketer of matchsticks. Brands like Ship, i Kno and Aim brands come under it.

8. Milk and milk products: ITC has a notable dairy market. And it has gained the consumers in millions. Indians are known to be a good milk consumer. And it ultimately motivated ITC to run one. It runs its milk business under the name of Sunfeast Wonderz Milk.


Full form of ITC company

The ITC logo appears to be blue in colour. And it has a white background. The brand's logo has evolved a lot to date. But the ultimate meaning of the logo remained the same. The logo signifies two joined hands - depicting the Indian gesture of namaste. In other words, this logo is trying to welcome its consumers. ITC has planned an amazing logo for welcoming people in India.


1. YC Deveshwar: He is the chairman of the company. And is known for winning the prestigious Padma Bhusan. However, he is recognised for the award by Boston consulting group. Apart, he is also declared as the seventh best performing CEO in the world. By the reviews of the Harvard Business Review.

2. Meera Shankar: The Indian ambassador, Meera. Is known to join the ITC limited, in the year of 2012. Due to her previous work and profiles. She is known to serve as the non-executive director of the company.


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