Full form of ASAT|| History, working and U.S. & Soviet's attempts!!

Full form of ASAT

Full form of ASAT: Anti Satellite Weapons.

ASATs are weapons (mostly missiles) that are used in the outer space. Mostly, to destroy or prevent satellites from working properly. These spying machines orbiting in the outer space. Can benefit the military once destroyed. ASATs are developed, send and even controlled by the military. Moreover, those in this section of the military. Contains highly qualified and experienced soldiers. There are several thousand countries that don't own their own ASAT systems. However, U.SA, Russia, China and India are the only nations. Owning their very own ASAT systems. In such a tech-evolved world. The fight has shifted to the outer space now. This demands intellectual and planned methods. Regarding the weapons and satellites. Consequently, people are gradually educated about the same.

Coming to its history, these explosive missiles. Are the results of the attempts made by the U.S.A. and Soviet-Union initially. However, knowing the full form of ASAT is worth it.


Above all, ASATs are destructive missiles that are targeted to destroy. Those satellites used for communication and information sharing. Moreover, destroying such floating spys of the enemy-nation is a great benefit for the military. A nation's military operates the ASATs during wars and national quarrels. Technically, those missiles are fixed in rocket launchers. Which are further, operated from the base stations. ASATs are targeted on satellites by some kind of machine. Then, they intercept the satellites and destroy them in-command. However, knowing the full form of ASAT is worth it.


1. Kinetic ASATs: These ASATs are linked with their kinetic energies. Such ASATs are required to collapse physically. To destroy any kind of floating object (here, satellites). Ballistic missiles, drones, or anything launched to collide the satellite can act as a kinetic ASAT. Most importantly, missiles are sent to their fixed to their respective targets. Whereas, drones possess the potential to push or drag satellites. From their general orbit in space.

2. Non-kinetic ASATs: Those who work without their presence in physical. There are certain weapons that work without being physical. They are designed either to jam, divert or dysfunction at the instant. These attacks are done in software, that prevents their proper functioning. These are, however, secretive attacks. Moreover, capable of jamming or destroying millions within a fraction of second.


Superpower America is aimed at its all-round development. So, it had started making these systems. From the basic designs of a grounded missile from the 1950s. Each of its experiments was done under the so-called designation of Weapon System (WS - 1999A).

1. The ALBM: The Bold Orion air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM) was the first-ever missile made by the States. It was made for the B-47 Stratojet, based on rocket motor from the Sergeant missile. But due to its failure after a number of trials. Resulted in its reconstruction, with the addition of the Altair into its design. Further testing of the satellite. Gave a record flight towards the satellite in space. But observers declared it suitable for nuclear weapons. And not for warheads at all.

2. Lockheed's High Virgo: It was eventually, the next attempt under the same designation. Likewise, the above was also a Sergeant based system. The experiment destroyed Explorer 5 on September 22. But the experiment resulted in total failure. As the controllers lost their tracking cameras. So, controversies are still there, regarding the experiment's success.

3. F-15 Eagle: Unless the ASATs began to develop trust within. All of them were about to be launched. But, no successful launching happens. Also, in 1982, it began to gain popularity due to its successful flight. F-15 Eagle carried the involved missile. That have take-off from Edward's Airbase. Being able to destroy the satellite named Solwind P78-1 successfully. 


Knowing the impact of destructive missiles. The Soviet Union began to develop space defensive weapons. It has begun its work with testing and developing interceptors. Along with space missiles, rocket launchers and even space battle stations.

1. Istrebitel Sputnik (IS): Going to its times of initial work. It has tested the Polyot interceptor. Along with an orbital anti-satellite weapon in the year of 1968. Bored by its normal work. Once, in a summer convocation Chelomei, a person disclosed his plannings. Regarding the design of a rocket and spacecraft program. Getting an assertion from the meetup. Offered Chelomei with a go-ahead. To design his rocket, UR-200 rocket. However, Istrebitel Sputnik (IS) is the name for the project.

2. Other Efforts: Competing with super-power America. The Soviet Union have done numerous efforts. To serve the world with its services. Many a time they worked but for the rest. They can't simply survive the competition. One such effort was its attempt to build. An intercept under the IS project. It was, however, an intercept made. For higher heights. It had passed several trials. But, ultimately failed. When it was unable to survive the American competitors.

In early, 1980s Soviet Union began to complement American weapons. It developed counterparts for the US-based ASAT system. They used the so-called MiG-31D 'Foxhounds'. As the launching platform. Apart, the union is clever enough. To own their self made orbital space battle station. Named as the Skif-DM/Polyus. Which contains necessary laser attacking systems.


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