DDT full form in chemistry|| History, usage in India, harms, structure and reason of ban!!

DDT full form in chemistry: Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane.

Above all, DDT is a chemical compound. Naturally, DDT is not an acronym. But is the chemical name for a chemical compound known as Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane. The compound gives no taste when being tasted. Hence, is tasteless and is also colourless and odourless. Being crystalline in structure, this tasteless compound is mostly used as an insecticide. Moreover, due to its harmful environmental effects. It is not considered a regular compound. In other words, these compounds are toxic. And have harmful effects similar to a poisonous pill. That leads to its discontinuity to be called as a regular chemical compound.


Coming to its history, DDT was originated as an insecticide in the early 19th century. The compound became popular due to its insect-killing capabilities. Before its use as insecticides. It was used as medicines for killing internal viruses. Diseases like malaria, typhus, and other human borne diseases are their main targets. It was quite successful in the field of medical sciences. But sooner, it became popular as an insect-killing fluid. However, the compound is also used in other cleansing purposes. Preventing tiny insects and worms from building up their homes. And is very effective for killing mosquitoes. Moreover, it is used in offices and public areas, to keep the area free from insects and hence from diseases.

Coming to DDT's present-day status. The journey starts in 2006. When DDT was declared a safe fluid to be used in interiors. Most importantly, for diseases like malaria. And also to reduce the risk of other health-related problems. Now, even after a decade from 2006, DDT is continuously used. As a kind of interior and exterior spray, only due to its toxic effects. DDT is fully helpful in killing various kinds of germs and bacteria that may harm our health. DDT is listed among the twelve pesticides recommended by the WHO. To be used as indoor and outdoor residual sprays. However, knowing DDT full form in chemistry is worth it.


According to (thehindu.com), DDT is used to paint houses in the hilly areas. Where there are a lot of mosquitoes, and their one bite can cause malaria. Most importantly, eastern and northeastern houses are painted periodically. Somewhere, the period goes as long as two years. Whereas, in other, it nearly touches a period of twelve months. Painting the external walls with thick DDT is a must. It is required for, killing germs and another kind of disease-causing bacteria.

But coming to the bitter truth. DDT is banned in western countries. The absolute reason being the death of humans and animals. Once, during a test of the DDT on animals. It simply provided threatening effects. From kidney to lungs everything got intoxicated, causing deaths and suffocation. Consequently, DDT got banned and in India, it should also be. Since there are enough medicines available. For mosquito bites and other diseases and just killing lakhs by DDT is not the holy solution. However, knowing DDT full form in chemistry is worth it.


DDT for birds: DDT is not dangerous for birds, but affects their reproduction. Once, when DDT was used on birds. They were observed to lay eggs with a comparatively thinner shell. The only reason being the presence of DDT around them. However, it was the primary reason DDT was banned in the States.

DDT for humans: The compound is simply dangerous for human beings. Being an organochlorine, the crystalline compound. Is similar enough to the human hormone of estrogen. That simply consequents, its contamination in the human body cum triggering of the estrogen levels.


DDT has a lengthy history on this topic. DDT was banned due to several different reasons. The prime of them being its toxic effects on living beings. Above all, DDT has forced the release of the book named "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. The storyline being: Pesticides and especially DDT is poisoning wildlife and the environment along with endangering the life of humans.

For the very first time, DDT was banned in Norway and Sweden. But the factories of the USA continued its production. It was continued till 2006, where the exports took place. In countries, where the death ratio from malaria is in its high.

Earlier to that, 1970 was the year the USA banned it completely. It was simply done keeping the climate change in mind. The disastrous degradation of industries and the environment. Took it to the newspapers. And made the entire country aware of this. However, the manufacturing factories never listened to the system. And kept on manufacturing them going against the law. The results were simply predictable. Loss, loss and loss took place. From the products to health, everything simply lacked quality. And have toxic health effects all the time.


  • The old name of this molecule was 1,1' -(2,2,2-trichloroethane-1,1-diyl)bis(4-chlorobenzene).
  • Parent name used to be "ethane". But according to the modern IUPAC nomenclature. The parent group is that, which is the longest and is linked to the other groups.
  • So, in the below-shown molecule. The parent structures are the chlorophenyl rings and the linking bonds in the Cl3CCH=.
  • So, the present name of the insecticide of DDT became - Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane.

DDT full form in chemistry


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