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JCO full form

JCO full form: Junior Commissioned Officer.

The JCO is the rank given to those soldiers. Who lies in between the havildars and the lieutenants. Moreover, the acronym JCO. Is only used by the population of India and Pakistan. As the name suggests, these personnel receives a commission. Directly from the President of India in power. JCOs are either promoted from the post of senior havildars. Or are being sorted directly by the original process. Above all, vacancy matters a lot. Along with the vacancy, the person should also. Be talented enough to get the promotion. moreover, these officers are awarded a ton of privileges.

According to Wikipedia, the history of this rank of these commissioned officers dates back to the British period. Indian Army was earlier under the control of the Britishers. However, such ranks were known as the Viceroy's Commissioned Officers (VCOs). But during the British raj, VCOs were only considered. As the highest rank in the army, any Indian could attain. Moreover, those who were fully commissioned by the Britishers. Were simply, white men. No Indian could become fully commissioned officers. Since it was under full control of the British authorities. The particular rank of fully commissioned officers were never achieved. Until India became independent in 15th of August, 1947. Moreover, knowing the JCO full form is worth it.


A JCO is the promoted rank after a superior havildar. The rank is respectful in existence. But the fact is that it's commission offerings. Are way less or inferior than the full commissioned officers. However, army respects both the JCO aa well as the senior COs. Those full commissioned officers receive higher pay and allowances than the JCOs. Since they have reached this position with their talent and hard work. But JCOs are not left anything less than them. Moreover, knowing the JCO full form is worth it.

Some of the important facts to known about the JCOs in Indian Army:

1. JCOs have their own separate mess for having their food. That is well furnished. And have a great status to sit in and enjoy food. Some of them look like five-star hotels. And contains cooling air ventilations.

2. Coming to their travelling facilities. JCOs can travel in AC two-tier in trains. And in the economy class, when travelling via air. The Indian government helps them in a ton of ways. Being a servant of the country. And being in the JCO rank. Is simply awarding and respectful.

3. This JCO rank is contained smaller ranks. Subedar Major being the highest. Followed by the rank of subedar and finally the Naib Subedar. This classification is valid for both the Indian and Pakistan army itself.

4. Those who hold the rank of Naib Subedar or simply Subedar. Serve the country as their roles of platoon commanders. They actually substitute the place of lieutenants in the army. Whereas, plays the role of commander in their first position. Followed by the role of captain in their second position. Moreover, the Subedar Majors lead their battalion's commanding officer. Similarly, as a sergeant major would in the army.

5. These officers receive an inferior commission than the full commissioned officers. But since, they are soldiers and serve the nation. For a long time of their life. They are never called normally with their name and rank. But are every time addressed as sir. Sir acts like a suffix to their name.


There are various sailors in the Indian navy. And those who are deserving among them. Are began to be awarded commissioned ranks. To be very original, sailors from the Navy receive a warrant. Once, they are promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officers. These are ranks cum certificates. That the Commodore Bureau of Sailors does issues.

Ranks equivalent to the Naval JCOs are as follows:

  • Chief Petty Officer (CPO).
  • Master Chief Petty Officer 1 (MCPO 1).
  • Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO 2).


In the Indian Airforces. Only those promoted officers are the JCOs. Who have received a warrant or recommendation. Both in India as well as in Pakistani airforce.

Ranks equivalent to the Airforce JCOs are as follows:

  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Warrant Officer.
  • Junior warrant officer


If you are a patriotic person. And you wanna do something for your nation. Then, JCO will be one of the best ranks you may try for. Indian Army is a job provided with complete honour and respect. Those who are serving the nation in the rank of JCOs. Are provided with a ton of perks. But those who are really deserving. Are often provided with some of the honorary commissions. But receiving them at their retirements is a myth.

The honorary ranks in the various forces are as follows:
  • In INDIAN ARMY: Honorary Lieutenant, Honorary Captain.
  • INDIAN NAVY: Honorary Sub - Lieutenant, Honorary Lieutenant.
  • INDIAN AIR FORCE: Honorary Flying Officer, Honorary Flight Lieutenant.


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