CCTV full form in English|| History, applications, pros and cons!!

CCTV full form in English

CCTV full form in English: Closed Circuit Televisions.

CCTVs are simply closed-circuit televisions. In other words, they are a necessary part of their circuit to be considered. Technically, this kind of cameras is used to capture video footage. And then are further used to transmit this footage (in the form of signals). To a number of several different monitors. CCTV cameras are also known as security cameras. Since they are used to maintain security in certain places. Like in banks, stores, malls, ATMs, canteens etc. However, in recent times they are even used for domestic purposes.

Most importantly, CCTVs are also known as surveillance cameras. The reason being its usage as surveillance of the public. They are used to keep a passive eye on the public going by. It may be in the railway station, or in the mall. CCTVs are used everywhere. And that is the reason, we are able to spot anything abnormal recorded in it. As these cameras remain on - 24/7. Anything happening any hour of the day is recordable. Consequently, this makes them helpful for the media also. Its immediate impact is seen on the news channels. The news channels never run out of content. Moreover, the internet is flooded with such contents. There will be nothing funny to mention. That CCTV has brought a revolution to the news industry. Thereby, providing the content in a very clever way. However, knowing the CCTV full form in English is worth it.


According to Wikipedia, CCTV was invented back in June 1927. A physicist named Le' on Theremin is known to invent it. To be very accurate, the first CCTV camera. Was made available in the United States sometime by the mid-nineteenth century. However, the camera used to come with the name of Vericon. With its daily increment in popularity. These cameras began to be used to monitor. The rockets and missiles, that were either tested or repaired. It was, however, necessary to monitor. Those costly weapons to prevent any sort of its misuse.

Earlier, these closed-circuit televisions were also used in cinema theatres. For the purpose of counting the pay per view metrics. Along with in professional boxing, racing, athletics and sports. These security cameras use to monitor the audience count in a very clever way. Most importantly, say to be a pioneer. Moreover, the New York Police department was the first. To make them popular, in the field of security and investigation. However, knowing the CCTV full form in English is worth it.


1. Crime prevention: CCTVs has a crucial use in crime and investigation. Firstly, it is used to prevent crimes from happening. Since these cameras are able to monitor every place easily. Once, any malpractice gets spotted. The department simply gets notified. However, in very recent time. IoT is helping a lot, in controlling those security cameras. They could be auto-controlled now. But the person operating the display. Must remain aware throughout his work-time.

2. Crime-solving: CCTVs are also very helpful in solving crimes. In case, the observer misses the part. Then also, the cameras are recording all of it. Once, any kind of crime is detected. The security workers may investigate through the footage. They are able to spot at least something from it. CCTVs have provided a lot of proof like this. They had even helped a lot of police. To investigate, go through and solve crime cases. Social media and news channels are greatly benefited by them. Because they never run out of content. When the talk shifts to such kind of content.


3. Traffic monitoring: In busy cities, traffic police always uses these cameras. To not only keep an eye on the traffic. But also, help reducing crime. If these cameras are installed everywhere around the city. It will be a child's play to spot and catch the criminal. However, it also helps, to record incidents of traffic disobedience. Any kind of accident or conflict on the running road. Advanced CCTV cameras of the modern time, have helped. To zoom in each and every incident and to observe them closely.

4. Pedestrian traffic: It, however, worthy to mention. That these cameras are also used for pedestrian traffic. There are certain countries in the world. Where the formation of the crowd is controlled by these cameras. Once, any crowd gets formed. The assigned authorities reach on the spot. To clear the crowd immediately. Such, steps are very beneficial. In times of some pandemic or flu getting spread. And where social-distancing is necessary.

5. Used in private and public places: These cameras are also used in private and public places. The only reason is to increase accuracy and prevent malpractices. People use them in private homes and households. Along with within busy public places. Operators may use them to keep an eye on the people entering and exiting the place. Or may use them for checking and analyzing products (as in malls and shops). They are often used in schools and colleges. Mainly to maintain security within their existing assets. From gym lockers to offices, staff rooms and other important places (like the principal's office).


Please read the applications of the CCTV cameras to know it pros. However, read the following points to know about its cons.

1. Uncomfortable feelings: There are certain countries, where people are monitored 24/7. Such people began to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. Even innocent people may get the feeling of criminals. Observing the general public every single second of the day. Is simply disturbing and may lead to serious protests.

2. Being a man-made machine: Machines have a weird habit of getting damaged. And every single thing that is made by man. Can't be trusted to their hundred per cent. That is why CCTVs even have risks of getting damaged. And may even work abnormally.

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